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How To Feng Shui Your Laundry Room: 13 Rules + Placement

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Do you know that feng shui is also connected with your laundry room? Lets us know How To Feng Shui Your Laundry Room, all its do’s and don’ts.

Most time, we think that feng shui is only applicable to our bedrooms, entranceways, living rooms, and the front of our home.

But this ancient practice is also applied to laundry rooms and can influence where you wash, dry, and arrange your clothes as well.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how you feng shui your laundry room.

In feng shui, your laundry room is an important place where you can promote wealth and by simply following the important feng shui tips outlined in this blog, the place can magnetize and improve wealth in your home.

A little attention will increase the flow of positive chi in your home and make your laundry time more enjoyable.

We make this blog explanatory to enhance your knowledge on how to apply feng shui to your laundry room and make the place beneficial for you.

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So, take time to go through this blog to discover how to feng shui in your laundry room.

Importance Of Laundry Room In Feng Shui

In feng shui, a laundry room is seen as an important place in a house. It is a purification area where dirt and rubble are removed and delivered clean fabrics that lift the soul.

A laundry room takes care of the water element and can be likened to the bathroom.

How To Feng Shui Your Laundry Room: 13 Rules

There are rules guiding the use of the laundry room in feng shui. Here are 13 of those rules which can help you to improve your laundry room.

How To Feng Shui Your Laundry Room

1. Pick The Right Colors

The first guiding rule for the laundry room is picking the right feng shui color. In feng shui, colors are important and determinant of the kind of energy that trails your home.

That’s why you must ensure your laundry room is painted with the correct colors. Using the right color can benefit you.

So, what are the appropriate colors to use in your laundry room according to feng shui?

Incorporating these colors below will benefit you:

  • Blue tone and Light Blue: This is one of the water element’s colors, which means, integrating these colors will enhance your wealth and prosperity.
  • Brown tone and Tan: These colors signify the wood element color which is fostered by the water element present there.    
  • Green: This color represents the wood element and is symbolic of growth, development, and progress.
  • Purple: Incorporating a purple tone into your laundry room encourages balance and prosperity to flow into your home, as well as the touch of luxury purple tones offer.
  • White color: Incorporating more white does not enhance simplicity and flawlessness, but it indicates productivity and achievement.
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2. Increase Lighting

Increasing the lighting of your laundry room goes a long way in transforming your laundry room into a hub of positive energy.

  • In feng shui, light is a custodian of powerful energy which offers stability between the chi energy in your room (positive energy) and the yin energy (negative energy).
  • When you add more light fixtures to your laundry space, you make the place brighter, more aesthetic, and lively.
  • You can do this by installing an additional new ceiling, table, or wall lamp which is capable of beautifying and adding more brightness to the room.
  • You can also make use of overhead light fixtures to offer great lighting which will help you to have a good sight of what you are doing. Good lighting promotes the flow of positive energy.

3. Ensure Your Washing And Drying Machine Is Closed

This is another rule to follow in your laundry room. This attitude will help to fascinate positive vibes around your home and maintain them.

  • When your washing and drying machine is closed, you prevent the positive energy that gets snared inside not to be drained away once the water is discharged during the process of washing.
  • This implies that you will prevent good luck from leaving your home or draining away once you ensure the washing and drying machine is closed.
  • Applying this rule can keep your prospects of wealth, luck, health, and prosperity intact.
  • Therefore, be committed to closing all lids of your machine at all times. If you notice these machines are not closing correctly, approach a repairer to repair them.

4. Ensure The Door To Your Laundry Room Remains Closed

To keep the positive vibes in your home, ensure the door that leads to your laundry room is always closed.

5. Repair Any Leak

Take up the responsibility of repairing any leak you noticed in your laundry room. This is a rule you must take seriously.

This determines how you maintain positive feng shui.

  • Leaks can disrupt the free flow of water which represents wealth, and emotions.
  • Besides, you tend to pay huge water bills when things leak in your laundry room. Even, a washing machine or pipe that leaks can inundate your laundry room, resulting in damages to your property.
  • Also, leaks can cause danger to the various electrical components present in your apartment, which can lead to fires.

Therefore, discover the source of the leaks and ask for necessary help from experts.

6. Keep The Room Clean And Organized

In feng shui, your laundry room should be kept tidy. Although you perform cleaning activities here, the room can still be organized and pleasant.

  • A clean and organized laundry room fosters productivity and a flow of positive energy.
  • To achieve this, de-clutter your room by removing unused items, and clothes, and ensure your clothes are neatly folded and packed when dried. 
  • If you are looking for ways to make sure your laundry room is cleaned and organized, get storage facilities like wall shelves, bins, and chests.
  • With the use of wall shelves, the floor space size will be increased, which gives you enough space to work.

Keeping your laundry area cleaned and organized also means your appliances are in good condition, you mop the floors from time to time, and remove light bulbs that are not working properly, etc.    

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7. Growing More Plants

In feng shui, plants are auspicious and they represent the wood element. Plants are symbolic of strengthening the positive energy in the area generally.

Growing more plants in your laundry room can promote good luck, purify the air circulating and attract wealth. Seeing these plants can energize you and improve your productivity.

Likewise, you can bring in money plants in feng shui such as lucky bamboo, golden pothos, and so on. But stay away from thorny plants such as cacti which can cause injury. These plants deplete energy. 

Take time to care for these plants by watering them regularly to prevent withering.

8. Don’t Allow Dirty Clothes To Pile Up

One of the rules you should follow in your laundry rooms is that you should not allow dirty clothes to pile up. You may be tempted to do this, but is good to avoid such practice.

Leaving your dirty clothes to pile up will result in cluttering, which is not a good feng shui. Cluttering disrupts the flow of positive energy which gives space for negative energy to enter.    

To prevent your dirty clothes from piling up, ensure your hamper does not overflow with dirty clothes. With this, your laundry space will be kept clean.

9. Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors are good feng shui objects for making a small space appear spacious and reflect the entire area.

If you’re in a small laundry room, you can bring in a mirror to reflect on the outside world. When you place a mirror facing your laundry room’s window, it can attract positive energy and poise the chi. 

Placing the mirrors in your room can reflect nature, including trees, plants, and flowers, and display them in your laundry room thereby attracting wood elements.

While using mirrors, ensure they are not dirty, opaque, or damaged.

10. Avoid Placing Some Elements In Your Space

Some elements should not be displayed in your laundry room.

In feng shui, it is a belief that you cannot place a dragon to face the laundry room because of the discharge of dirty water coming out of this room.

The kind of energy the dragon promotes will be greatly hampered.

11. Introduce Wealth Enhancing Elements

You can keep certain elements that enhance wealth inside your laundry room. These objects are symbols of wealth and as such can bring wealth to you.

For example, you can position these wealth elements like a crystal bowl, colored stones, and a lucky Buddha, to bring in wealth.

12. Don’t Keep Used Detergent Containers

Another rule of a laundry room is to dispose of any used detergent containers and empty the waste bin regularly to prevent stagnant energy from circulating in your room.

13. Remove Fluff From The Dryer Regularly

Cultivate the habit of removing any fluff from the dryer regularly because the fluff is muddled which attracts negative energy.

Feng Shui Laundry Room Location

Feng Shui Your Laundry Room

The location of your laundry room is important in feng shui. If it is a new home under construction or remodeling, proper placement according to feng shui can improve your wealth corner.

Place your laundry room in the wealth corner of your house. This position is auspicious because the wealth area is controlled by the wood element.

You can also locate your laundry room in a gallery, on a veranda, or in a space outside the house.

By following the feng shui map, you can locate your wealth zone at the top left corner of your home.

Mirror In Laundry Room Feng Shui

The mirror in the laundry room is a good feng shui. The mirror can enhance the positivity of your room, particularly when positioned to face the window.

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The mirror in the laundry room will reflect what is outside the home such as nature like plants and trees, making the room align with the wood element.

 You can a mirror in the laundry room to attract positive energy too, apart from the reflection.

Washing Machine Placement In Feng Shui

Don’t place your washing machine at the fire corner of your home because fire and water are incompatible.

Since your laundry room can be placed in the wealthy corner of your home, similarly your washing machine can be placed there. This placement is auspicious and will enhance productivity.

Feng Shui Stove And Washing Machine

Feng shui stove and washing machine are two different types of elements. The feng shui stove belongs to the fire element while the washing machine represents the water element.

These two elements are incompatible, therefore they should not be positioned close to each other.

Where Should I Put My Laundry Basket Feng Shui?

The best place to put your laundry basket in feng shui is inside the laundry room.

This will promote de-cluttering and organized space. If there is no laundry room in your house, put the laundry basket on a bathroom shelf.

A laundry basket will reduce the effect of dirty clothes on your house.

What Should Every Laundry Room Have?

These are some of the things every laundry room should have:

  • Laundry basket
  • Detergent
  • Cleaning materials like paper towels, mop, broom, etc.
  • Bleach
  • Dryer sheets
  • Ironing equipment
  • Stain and odor removers
  • Waste Can
  • Keep the instructional manuals of the washing and drying machine closed.

Is It Good To Keep Washing Machine In Bathroom?

Keeping the washing machine in the bathroom is not advisable because of the effect of water splash as well as the dampness, and moisture of the bathroom which can affect the machine as time goes on.

Don’t keep a washing machine in the bathroom if your bathroom has poor ventilation.

Can A Washer And Toilet Share The Same Drain?

It is not recommended because of the adverse effect. Doing this can cause blockage of the drain as a result of dirt or fluff.

The Color Of The Laundry Room

The color you use can determine the kind of vibes that radiate in your laundry room. Colors can revive and lift your soul and using inappropriate colors can kill your productivity and destabilize you.

Here are the favorite colors to use in your laundry room:

  • Light blue
  • Light green
  • Tan
  • Light brown
  • Blue shades
  • Purple

In Conclusion

With the explanation above, you can turn your laundry room into an auspicious space where you will enjoy good fortune, prosperity, abundance, wealth, and even enhanced productivity. 

How To Feng Shui Your Laundry Room FAQs

Q: How Can I Decorate My Laundry Room Décor?

You can decorate your laundry room using.

Good paints or colors
By organizing your furniture
Hanging of wall art
Provision of storage equipment
Use beautiful light bulbs to improve the aesthetic of your room.

Q: What I Should Not Keep In The Laundry Room?

Don’t keep dirty clothes for a long time. So, don’t stockpile your laundry room with unused or dirty clothes. Don’t keep a detergent container too.