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Top 15 Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom In Center Of House

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The center area plays an important role and is a major part of the Bagua map of feng shui.

Feng shui regards the center of your house as symbolic, as it relates to the health and well-being of the occupants of the house.

Now, having a bathroom in the center of your house is considered inauspicious and inappropriate. According to feng shui, a bathroom is a place for cleansing, washing, and discharging waste. Due to its role, a bathroom pollutes the positive energy in the house.

A bathroom in the center of the house should be avoided. It erodes the positive energy inside the home. So, how do you correct a bathroom in the center of your house?

In this blog, we provide 15 Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom In Center Of House.

Center Of The House Feng Shui Importance?

The center of the house is the heart of your house. Since it is the core part that is made up of a house, the center of the house helps you to stay balanced, grounded, and auspicious.

In feng shui, the center of the house facilitates the supply of positive energy to your house. As an important part of the Bagua map, the center carters for your health, wellness, and nourishment.

It is imperative to note that the positive energy radiating from the center of your should be energizing and protective. It is necessary to give attention to this area as it can determine the kind of luck you will attract.

How To Improve the Center Of Your House Feng Shui

Since the center of your house is the heart of your house, it is important to know how to improve it.

The center of your house is governed by the earth element. Here are the ways to improve the center of your house and make it radiates positive energy.

Bathroom In Center Of House Is Good Or Bad
  1. Place a living plant close to the center as a way of decorating the space and also purifying the air.
  2. Place ceramic or earthy pots of different shapes and sizes.
  3. Decorative objects made from ceramic such as porcelains.
  4. Feng shui statues like the Laughing Buddha, Money Frog, etc.
  5. Ornamental materials symbolize balance.
  6. Wall art that depicts peace and love. Don’t bring in the water here.
  7. Wall art of nature, landscapes, lushness, and mountains
  8. Feng shui earth element colors such as earth tones including browns and dark beiges, and yellows.
  9. Square-shaped rug or rectangular-shaped rug.
  10. Items that come square, especially decors or square tiles.
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How To Determine If The Center Sector Has A Bathroom?

You can determine the center sector of your house using the Bagua map.

The middle of the Bagua map usually connotes the center of the house. If the bathroom is at the center, you will discover it from the floor plan.  

Is It Bad Luck To Have Bathrooms In The Center Of Your House?

Since the center of your house controls your health, and supplies the positive energy in your house, having a bathroom there can contaminate the positive chi energy and makes it of no effect.

The bathroom helps to store dirt, and waste and take filth. It has an impure representation. Therefore, it is a stroke of bad luck to have a bathroom in the center of your home.

Having a bathroom in the center of your house can negatively impinge on your career, wealth, health, and mental state.

Top 15 Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom In Center Of House

There is a way out to a bathroom located in the center of the home. Here are some of the cures you can employ if you have a bathroom in the center of the house.

Bathroom In Center Of House Feng Shui Remedies

1. Reposition The Toilet Seat If Possible

The first cure to a bathroom in the center of the house is to look into the possibility of moving the toilet seat away from the center of the house.

If it is possible to reposition the basin and the toilet seat, it will be ideal.

2. Good Ventilation And Water Flow

When there is good ventilation, it helps the flow of fresh air.

When a bathroom is at the center of the house, there is a need to ensure there is a proper flow of air and water.

Good air and water flow will eliminate stagnant energy. 

3. Good Fragrance

Feng shui scents are a wonderful way of curing a bathroom in the center of the house.

Burning incense in the bathroom can change the vibes in the space. Some plants have great incense like clove, osmanthus, and camellia. You can burn any of them to bring liveliness.

4. Keep The Door To Your Bathroom Closed Always

Ensure to keep the door to your bathroom closed always. It is believed that it will prevent odor which traps positive energy from spreading into the house.

5. Keep The Toilet Lid Closed Always

Don’t leave your toilet lid open. Always close it to prevent the loss of positive energy through the large pipe conveying waste outside the house.

Don’t watch the positive energy that should have filled your home and been beneficial get sucked, and you battle with negative energy. 

Closing it will stop good fortune from draining away.

6. Place A Mirror

In feng shui, the mirror is symbolic.

If you want to cure a bathroom in the center of your home, using a mirror can be helpful.

By placing a mirror outside your bathroom, you will forcefully eliminate the bathroom from this position, and look as if it does not exist.

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7. Paint Your Bathroom

By applying feng shui colors, you can introduce a wood element into your bathroom. Colors attract positive energy and lift the vibes in your space.

The wood colors you can paint your bathroom include green, blue, and teal. These colors will heal the bathroom at the center of your home.

8. Deep Clean Regularly

You can reduce the effect of a bathroom in the center of your home by maintaining a clean bathroom.

Most times, you can engage in deep cleaning of your bathroom to remove dirt. It will allow the free flow of positive energy.

9. De-clutter Your Bathroom

A cluttered bathroom will prevent the flow of good energy, read the benefits of decluttering in Feng Shui.

The positive energy that should be distributed is stocked, leading to stagnant energy.

It is necessary to arrange your bathroom and remove every unused item, expired product, and others from your shelf. 

10. Introduce Wood Element

The wood element can lessen the effect of a bathroom at the center of your home. Wood element releases helpful wood energy.

Wood symbolizes growth, advancement, generosity, healing, and suppleness. The wood element will attract positive energy and preserve it so as not to get drained.

Some symbols of the wood element include decors made with wood and furniture.

11. Introduce Earth Elements

In feng shui, wood and earth elements are compatible. You can nourish the wood by bringing earth elements. The earth element is useful in blocking water flow and can effectively curb energy loss.

You can introduce earth elements by using colors or symbols.

Its colors include earthy tones, brown tones, and yellows, while its shapes are flat and square. You can also bring in a ceramic vase and grow flowers or plants there.

12. Hang Wall Art And Images

Wall art can serve as a cure for a bathroom in the center of your home.

Go for artwork that shows nature, mountains, landscapes, and beautiful places. These images represent earth element which is useful for you. 

13. Bathroom Lighting

Give your bathroom proper lighting. Fix any damaged lighting fixture. The light can attract positive energy and reduce the effect of having a bathroom at the center of your bathroom.

14. Use Crystals

In feng shui, crystals are significant charms that can rejuvenate and bring to the barest minimum the negative energy.

Hang a crystal in your bathroom to absorb vibrations and drive away the negative energy that may be generated from the positioning of your bathroom.

You can use crystals such as rhodonite, green jade, or rose quartz.

15. Grow Indoor Plants

Bathroom Indoor plants are effective for removing toxins, or pollutants from the air. Some of these plants also have a refreshing smell.

And these plants require little maintenance. Some of the indoor plants you can grow include Peace Lily, Jade Plant, and Aloe Vera.

Find below more info on feng shui-friendly plants for bathrooms.

Best Feng Shui Plants For The Bathroom

The best feng shui bathroom plants are the ones that thrive under considerable moisture and do not require much light intensity.

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With the low light condition, they will grow. It is not advisable to keep plants that require bright light unless your bathroom has adequate light or windows.

If your bathroom does not have adequate light, their survival rate is low. When plants find it hard to get adequate light, they will gradually die which results in stagnant energy.   

These feng shui indoor plants do not require much maintenance and like humidity.

  • Pothos is one of the best feng shui indoor plants, which can help to enhance positive feng shui!
  • Pothos does not require much effort to grow and can survive under any condition.
  • They require less care. Place them in your bathroom to curb the loss of energy and poison arrows.
  • Ferns cherish moisture and need regular watering to thrive well. You can grow this plant with less maintenance and does not require too much light to survive.
  • These attributes help them to be classified as one of the best plants for bathrooms. Different types of ferns can be grown in the bathroom to invite prosperity, wealth, and luck.
  • If you have a bathroom in the center of your home and you need to dispel its effect, grow ferns.
Snake Plant
  • Snake plants are symbolic of feng shui. They normally grow upward and their movement is likened to a snake.
  • They can help to counteract the energy that is lost by draining downward. It means, the energies in your bathroom can be preserved.
  • They are recognized as a plant that thrives even with low light, and with little care or maintenance, they will grow.
  • Orchids are one of the favorite feng shui indoor plants.
  • They are symbolic of enhancing love, affection, and good luck. They are decked with many different colors that make them attractive and embellish.
  • They are also effective in balancing the elements in your bathroom. You can stick with the yellow orchids as they bring earth elements.
Peace Lily
  • The peace lily is symbolic and unleashes good energy into your space. You can grow a peace lily to purify your air and make everywhere peaceful.
  • These feng shui plants are there to help you minimize the effect of losing the positive energy, and keep it intact.
  • These plants will help you to attract wealth, prosperity, and fortune. Choose any of these plants for your bathroom. They will prevent energies lost through the drains.

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In Conclusion

You can correct a bathroom in the center of your home using these tips above. Because of the role centers play, is better to take it seriously.

In the feng shui Bagua map, the center area falls in the middle of every process, there it is vital.