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Feng Shui For Stomach Problems: 11 Tips For Digestive Issues

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Feng shui offers many cures for inauspicious aspects that can impact your life.

Feng shui has such a huge influence that it provides many remedies that can impact lives and turn inauspicious areas into healthy ones.

Health is one of the important things man desires, and can be boosted by making the most of the positive energy in your home.

Since the stomach and intestines share a strong connection with the brain, they are directly affected by the brain. When stomach problems occur, they lead to emotional disorders, such as anxiety, anger, stress, and many more.

By applying feng shui cures, your health can be improved, including problems relating to the stomach.

In this blog, we provide Feng Shui For Stomach Problems. Using the tips that are provided will help you to deal with stomach problems.

Feng Shui For Stomach Problems

How Emotions Can Impact Gut Health?

The gut is also referred to as the gastrointestinal system (GI). The gut is made of the stomach and intestine and is receptive to emotion.

In other words, the gut can easily be impacted by emotion. Emotional feelings such as anger, fear, stress, anxiety, sadness, and depression can spark off the adverse effect of symptoms in the gut.

Emotions have an impact on your gut health because the gut is directly affected by the brain. The brain has absolute control of the stomach and intestines.

When the gut is troubled, there is communication going on between the gut and the brain.

The gut sends signs to the brain, in the same manner, a disordered brain will send signs to the gut. This tells you that both the brain and the gut are closely related.

How Feng Shui Is Linked To Stomach Problems

Feng shui takes advantage of the active and positive energy present in the environment to attract good luck, abundance, prosperity, and good health.

The environment has an important effect on your state of mind. The environment is powerful to influence your emotional feelings.

In the same manner, your emotional state can be greatly affected by the objects that catch your attention and the kind of environment you find yourself.

When you have an unhealthy and imbalanced environment, you feel irritated, angry, sad, anxious, bored, and stressed. They can cause problems in your stomach.  

What Leads To Stomach Issues In Feng Shui?

Stomach issues in feng shui can be caused as a result of stomach imbalance.

Stomach issues arise as a result of emotional imbalance. When the emotions are out of place, you will feel the effect in your stomach.

  • It is also stated that when the area that represents the abdominal in the house, which is the southwest, faces difficulties, the physical stomach is under threat.
  • The disorder identified with the stomach is depression. Pay attention to the center of your home.
  • The center of your home is the health corner in feng shui. Once this corner is taken care of, it can resolve your health issues.
  • Ensure this corner is kept tidy. If the corner is cleaned, and de-cluttered, it will boost your emotional stability, eliminates bad feelings, and makes your stomach healthy.  
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9 Feng Shui Cures For Stomach And Digestive Problems

Here are the feng shui cures for stomach and digestive problems.

While we have good feng shui by maximizing positive energy, there is bad feng shui.

Bad feng shui can attract powerful negative energy that can be unfavorable and can cause sickness. Here is bad feng shui that can cause sickness.

1. Poison arrows

Poison arrows can cause sickness.

A house is located is exposed to poison arrows when the house is located at a T-junction with the road ending in front of it.

The front door in such a house is prone to negative energy rushing down the street.

  • Also, any object that is pointed toward the main door, and home sharply is at risk of poison arrows.
  • These poison arrows can create sickness and bad luck as they hit while you are asleep.
  • The solution is to erect a barrier in form of walls, growing front door trees, or landscaping to block the flow of the poison arrows.

2. Fix the Front Door Alignment

When the front door aligns directly with the back door can cause sickness. The reason for this is that the positive energy that enters the house escapes through the back door.

No retention of positive energy. The solution to this is to place a Feng shui crystal between the front door and the back door.

The solution to this case is to put a crystal ball in the middle between the door and the stairs to retard and distribute the energy.

When a front door instead to open inward, opens outwardly tends to push positive energy away from the door and block its entry into the house. It is bad feng shui

3. Bad Mirror Alignments

When a mirror is facing the front door or just about five feet away while facing it is a bad feng shui. It causes sickness as the beneficial energy bounces back out the door. Move the mirror away.

When a mirror faces your bed, it is a bad feng shui. It can result in relationship abnormalities and can cause an emotional breakdown. Change the position of the mirror.

  • When you have dead houseplants, it is inauspicious and can cause sickness. Dead plants attract bad energy. Ensure to remove dead plants.
  • When placing any set of furniture under a beam, particularly your bed can attract sickness and ill luck. 

4. Tidy Up The Health Corner

The health corner of your house is associated with your health.

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Therefore, it is important to keep the corner clean and neat. One of the cures to stomach and digestive problems is to ensure this corner of your home is neat.

5. De-cluttering  

Cluttering can cause sickness because stagnant energy finds its way among the cluttered items, and blocks good energy from flowing easily.

A cluttered space can bring about stomach and digestive problems.

A cluttered environment can lead to an emotional disorder that leads to stomach and digestive problems.

Therefore, de-clutter your rooms to keep stagnant energy out of your house, and attract positive energy.

6. Move Your Dining Table Away From Facing Directly To The Bathroom Door

The bathroom seems to be inauspicious because of the bad energy and foul smell coming out of this part of the home.

So, allowing the dining table to face your bathroom door makes you receptive to bad energy and foul smell which can cause stomach and digestive problems.

7. Enhance The Earth Element

In feng shui, the earth element represents health and well-being.

This means that if you want a feng shui cure for stomach and digestive problems, enhance the earth element in your home.

You can achieve this by placing a potted plant in an earthy or ceramic pot. You can also hang pictures of landscapes, and mountains to enhance your health. 

8. Avoid Sleeping Under An Overhead Beam

Sleeping under a beam can cause stomach and digestive problems.

In feng shui, sleeping under a beam can lead to restlessness, and a feeling of being oppressed, which can bring about emotional imbalance.

9. Grow Indoor Plants

In feng shui, indoor plants are energy boosters.

They are known to purify the air, and remove pollutants. Your home can be filled with positive energy which can help overcome stomach and digestive problems.  

Can Emotional Stress Cause Digestive Problems?

  • Emotional stress can lead to digestive problems.
  • The digestive system, like the stomach, is part of the gastrointestinal system.
  • So, if there is any emotional disturbance, it can result in digestive problems.
  • It has been established that there is a solid link between our brain and our gastrointestinal system (gut) through the central nervous system.
  • It means that the central nervous system works for the gut and our brain.

Can Emotions Damage Your Organs?

There is the possibility that emotions can damage the organs.

When you are emotionally stressed, it can cause harm to your internal organs. One of the silent killers is emotional instability.

  • The negative emotion that is unattended can cause havoc to your health.
  • Apart from suicidal thoughts that can emanate from one of the emotional disorders like depression, destructive feelings of being worthless and hopelessness can result in severe stress.
  • Which can disorganize the hormonal balance of the body and damage the organs.    

Feng Shui Colors Cures For Stomach Problems

Colors are potent to bring about changes. There are feng shui colors that can help you overcome stomach problems.

Feng Shui Colors For Stomach Problems

1. Green

Green is a color that symbolizes growth, freshness, and flourishing.

It is associated with healing because it increases cell production and prevents emotional disorders. Green can help to overcome stomach problems. 

2. Orange

  • In feng shui, orange is associated with transformation.
  • It possesses transformational power that can improve stomach problems and aids digestion.
  • Orange can help in food conversion and turn it into energy.  

3. Red

  • It is a color that symbolizes strength, energy, vibrancy, and fortification.
  • It has a healing power that can remove stomach problems and improves the flow of blood.
  • Seeing this color can give you a sense of energy and vibrancy which can help you overcome health disorders.
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4. Yellow

Yellow represents cheerfulness. It is a color that can lift depression and other emotional difficulties.

Yellow can deliver huge benefits by improving the immune system. In feng shui, yellow is associated with healing.    

Feng Shui Directions For Stomach Problems

Feng shui directions for stomach problems include southwest which represents an abdominal area of the body.

According to the Bagua map, the center of the house is designated as the general health corner. The health section of the house can be improved by activating the earth element.

The earth element is represented by using earthy decors, potted flowers, ceramics, and so forth The health corner can also be enhanced by using a brownish tone, beige, and yellow colors. 

Feng Shui Elements For Stomach Problems

Feng shui elements for stomach problems are earth and fire.

1. Earth Element

The earth element reinforces our health and by balancing this element, your health can drastically improve.

Stomach problems can be a thing of the past if you give more attention to the element. Here are a few ways to improve earth elements and attract healthy energy into your home:

  • Place an earthy vase containing flowers to experience good health.
  • Hang pictures that depict the earth, like mountains, hills, ranch, etc.
  • Use earth colors such as earth tones, yellow, orange, and brown tones to activate your health corner.

2, Fire Element

The fire element is compatible with the wood element. It can nourish the earth’s elements.

The fire element can be introduced by lighting candles in the house or using bright light bulbs which can make your home well-lit and glow. Ensure the light is directed upwards.

The color of the fire element is red. You can also go for home decor accessories made in red such as pillowcases, or blankets.

The fire element can invigorate, inspire, and boost your energy, thereby making you healthy.   

In Conclusion

  • You can deal with stomach problems when you take control of your emotions.
  • Feng shui helps you to harness the positive energy of your environment for your well-being.
  • Using the feng shui tips provided above, you can drastically improve your health, and stay fit.
  • Therefore, maximize the positive energy in your home, by keeping to those things that aid good feng shui.

Feng Shui For Stomach Problems FAQs

Q: Can Sadness Affect Your Stomach?

Yes! Sadness can affect your stomach because of the connection between the brain and the gastrointestinal system.

When you are sad, depressed, stressed, or anxious, the result can be that you’ll have stomach pain. The stomach is largely affected if you are sad.

Q: Can Emotional Stress Cause Upset Stomach?

Of course! Stress is among emotional pains, just like sadness, anxiety, and depression that can upset the stomach, and other gastrointestinal signs.

Emotional stress can bring drastic changes to the stomach because of the sensitive nerves that the gut is made up of.