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Can Feng Shui Change Your Life: 8 Benefits + How To Practice

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Have you recently found out about the practice of Feng Shui and wish to give it a try? Read more here to find out Can Feng Shui Change Your Life.

People are often on the hunt for happiness, health, and fortune. They go to various heights to achieve them as well.

A lot of time is invested, and a lot of money is spent, only to find the efforts go to waste. However, there is one foolproof method through which anyone can fulfill their desires.

Can Feng Shui Change Your Life
Can Feng Shui Change Your Life

The art of Feng Shui has helped people find their purpose in life and attain the balance they seek.

While it may be considered a scam, the chances of success that Feng Shui has to offer rests in the hands of the person practicing it.

If you are curious to learn about Feng Shui and how it impacts our life, this article has a breakdown of everything you need to know.

It is the ultimate guide for beginners who are skeptical about starting the practice.

From the origins, the benefits it offers, to tips on how to make the practice successful, and more, all are provided below. So, let’s dive into it without further delay, shall we?

Can Feng Shui Change Your Life: How It All Started

Feng Shui is not something new. It has been a way of life for people for the last 3000 years. Thus, making it an art that requires consistency and persistence.

It draws its base from Chinese geomancy. In Feng Shui, everything that is present in the universe is known to emit a specific type of energy. This energy can be good or bad, i.e. positive or negative.

What Feng Shui does is that it helps the person who has adopted it as a lifestyle, come into harmony and attain a balance between their aura and the one present in their surroundings.

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Each element can emit positive or negative energy or even both at the same time. The potency of each may however vary with time as the universe is expanding and ever-changing.

Feng Shui also has 5 essential elements that it relies on to attain the desired balance. It uses symbols, elements, and objects that are influenced by the earth, fire, water, wood, and metal.

These elements are grounded within nature and have a strong influence and impact on their surroundings.

But, you can’t just include these elements into your daily life in any random structure or formation. The placement of these elements is what Feng Shui focuses on the most – this is what makes the art of Feng Shui a success.

How Does Feng Shui Impacts Your Life: [8 Benefits]

Can Feng Shui Change Your Life
Can Feng Shui Change Your Life

Feng Shui has a wide list of benefits that make it quite the preferred mode of putting your life back on track. Here are some of the impacts that Feng Shui can have on your life:

1. Good Luck

Feng Shui has had a high success rate when it comes to paving the way for good luck to enter your life.

By removing negative energies from your surroundings, you can open your life up to fortune and good luck.

2. Financial Stability

If you’re struggling with getting your finances right, then Feng Shui can help you attain financial stability in no time.

Several symbols such as the Smiling Buddha work great in helping reach your financial goals. Simply place a few coins under the figurine and let the magic unfold.

3. Better Health

Feng Shui is also used to help in healing health concerns such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, and even headaches. The crane and tortoise are powerful Feng Shui symbols for long life and improved health.

4. Career Progression

Career prospects also experience an uplift after engaging in Feng Shui. For this, the right placement of your office furniture matters.

The use of Feng Shui colors for success such as blue is what you can draw your focus towards as well.

5. Wealth Creation

When trying to sort your finances and find ways to create wealth, relying on the practice of Feng Shui can do wonders.

Follow the Feng Shui tips and tricks for wealth creation and watch your savings experience a boost like never before.

6. Academic Success

Feng Shui also helps in improving concentration and memory. It can help you achieve your academic goals with minimal effort. Simply follow the Feng Shui tips for student success and watch your grades soar high.

7. Better Relationships

If you’re struggling to maintain relationships or have a strain in your marriage, then using Feng Shui to help strengthen the bond can help. The mandarin duck and dove are commonly used for this purpose.

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8. Mental Peace and Stability

Since Feng Shui relies on keeping an open mind and staying patient, it also helps one attain mental peace and clarity.

With an aura of positivity around you, you can expect your energy levels to stay high throughout the day.

Guide On How to Practice Feng Shui the Right Way

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started on practicing Feng Shui. This guide is sure to make your Feng Shui for your desired benefit a success:

Clear your Mind of Any Negativity

The first thing you want to do is clear your mind of any negative emotions. Go into the practice of Feng Shui with an open and positive mind.

Relax and Calm Your Nerves

Feng Shui promotes activities that help calm the nerves. For this, you can engage in meditation, yoga, or even resort to aromatherapy.

The presence of pleasant smells around you also helps get rid of negative energy.

Clean Up Your Home

The next on the list is clearing up any mess from your home. Discard all nonfunctional, broken, and unwanted items.

Their presence can release negative energy and prevent positive energy from taking its place. You also want to remove any dust and build-up of dirt.

Add the Right Feng Shui Figurines and Elements

Do your research on the Feng Shui symbols that offer the benefit you’re looking for. Invest in these items and add them to your lifestyle.

  • However, it is important to be careful of the placement of the Feng Shui symbols.
  • Their direction and placement play an important role in how fast they help you attain your desired benefit. This also extends to the placement of your furniture.
  • You can even use Feng Shui colors for added support. The addition of the right colors to your home décor can make your Feng Shui practice even more powerful.
  • Add hints of Feng Shui colors to your wallpaper, curtains, carpets, and furniture.

Stay Persistent and Patient

Lastly, it is important to stay persistent with your Feng Shui practice. Patience can help expedite the process.

Powerful Feng Shui Symbols

Here are some powerful Feng Shui symbols and elements you can invest in.

  • Feng Shui crystals – are known to get rid of negative emotions and energy.
  • Feng Shui plants – the lucky bamboo, jade plant, and money tree help in good luck and fortune.
  • Feng Shui colors – red is a powerful Feng Shui color for prosperity. Blue works great for luck, and purple promotes spirituality.
  • Natural light plays an important role in giving life and energy. If you have windows that allow bright light to seep in, make sure you utilize them to your advantage. If not, you can invest in bright lights inside your lighting fixtures.
  • Feng Shui animals – the owl offers wisdom and knowledge and can be placed on your study desk. The crane offers luck and long life and can be added to your home by hanging a portrait containing cranes.
  • The evil eye – you can hang the evil eye symbol to ward away any negativity and evil. The ideal Feng Shui placement for this is at your home’s main entrance.
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Can Feng Shui Change Your Life- Things To Remember While Practice

Here is what you want to keep in mind when getting started with Feng Shui:

  • Avoid letting dirt and clutter take over your home or office. Clean your home regularly and make sure your Feng Shui symbols are also wiped down often.
  • Be mindful of your actions. This plays a key role in helping your Feng Shui practice become fruitful.
  • Let the art of Feng Shui take some time before showing the anticipated results.
  • Invest in Feng Shui symbols that are available at Feng Shui stores. The products here are genuine and come with an instruction guide on how to maximize the benefits from the object purchased
  • Follow the placement tips for each Feng Shui symbol and element earnestly. Without this into the equation your Feng Shui practice may not work at all.

The Final Verdict

With insight into what Feng Shui can do for you, you can now get started on the art without delay.

By following Feng Shui as it is recommended you can see the positive impacts it offers to enter your life. You can even share this article with a friend who may be interested in giving Feng Shui a try.

After all, Feng Shui also encourages sharing information and knowledge forward to help get your wheels of fortune and luck turning.