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15 Feng Shui Cures For Missing Areas: How-To Quick Fixes

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Feng Shui Cures For Missing Areas- Feng shui gives much priority to energy collection and sees the house as a powerful tool for change of fortune.

In feng shui, a house is designated to have a missing area if the shape of the house is neither rectangular nor square. Therefore, a complete house without a missing area is either rectangular or square-shaped.

Feng Shui Cures For Missing Areas

The effect of the missing area is noticeable and can hamper the flow of positive energy into the flow. When you have a missing area, it will affect different parts that made up life because each missing corner is symbolic in Feng Shui.

The house will be suffering from imbalance and partial luck, which can be a bad omen to the progress that should be enjoyed in that house. 

But there is a solution to a missing corner in Feng Shui. That is why this blog is written to provide adequate knowledge on how to cure missing areas in Feng Shui

These topics are covered to provide a full explanation:

  • Bagua Map sections in home
  • The Feng Shui wealth corner missing
  • Feng Shui missing love corner
  • Northwest corner missing
  • Irregularly shaped house feng shui
  • Feng Shui protruding corners
  • Feng Shui ancestor’s area
  • Feng Shui southwest corner
  • Feng Shui things to avoid
  • Feng Shui Things To Add
  • Feng Shui house is not square

Sections That Made Up Bagua Map In A Home?

In Feng Shui, there is a Bagua map that identifies 9 different sections inside a house when mapped out. These 9 sections must be completed to experience balanced luck, and fortune.

The 9 sections that made up a home are:

When any of these Bagua sections are missing, such a life will be deficient in that area.  

Feng Shui Wealth Corner Missing

The wealth corner is vital in a feng shui home. If this corner is missing in a house, it means there will lack of considerable wealth for the occupant of such a home.

Wealth corner helps to attract wealth, abundance, and fortune. It affects the financial status of a person. If this corner is lacking, it may hinder the flow of wealth and fortune.

Feng Shui Cures For Missing Areas
Feng Shui Cures For Missing Areas

The wealth corner of house or office is situated in the far left-hand corner of your home. Check the image below to see:


If this is missing, don’t fret. To cure your wealth corner missing in Feng Shui, simply introduce various symbols. These symbols are auspicious for wealth. They will help to cure the wealth corner.

Use the following steps to cure the Feng Shui wealth corner that is missing to enjoy abundance:

  • Place accessories or furniture painted purple in the house.
  • Place and nurture a living natural green plant inside the house.
  • Put together a water fountain that fit the size of your house, as water has a nourishing ability.
  • Incorporate landscaping to accommodate the missing area.
  • Place ornament painted in blue, green, black, or brownish tones.    
  • Place money symbols like Chinese coins, and money frogs to attract wealth.

Feng Shui Missing Love Corner

There is a love corner in a home and this corner is responsible for everything relating to love such as

  • Family relationships
  • Love between couples
  • Personal love
  • Relationships with others
  • Marriage
  • Close relationship
  • Working partnerships
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If you stand at the main entrance of your home, the love corner of your home is located at the far back right third. This corner covers your love and relationship with others.

If the love corner is missing and imbalanced, you’ll discover that:

  • Your love life will be struggling, suffering, and lacking romance and fun.
  • Your romantic affair is currently boring and unpleasant. It is as if you should walk away. 
  • You feel frustrated working with others or your current partnership lacks understanding.
  • You feel tensed up easily with yourself or get perturbed a lot.
  • Psychologically, you feel exhausted and constantly feel unthankful. You don’t see any reason to be grateful.

How do you cure the love corner that is missing in Feng Shui? Check out the Feng Shui cures anyone can use to accommodate the missing love corner.

  • Adding Feng Shui colors such as pink or red: Using pink or red color can cure missing love corners because these colors represent love.
  • These colors can come as part of home décor, or appear as touch on your furniture too. You can paint your bedroom in any of the colors.     
  • Get items in pairs: Any item that comes in pairs symbolizes companionship. So, when you want to buy things, buy them in pairs. This is a way of curing the missing love corner.
  • Hang love symbols and images in your home. For example, you can get symbols that show love like lovebirds, portraits of happy, loving, and romantic couples, cupid art, and heart symbols.
  • Cure your missing love corner by creating a love area within your home.

North West Corner Missing

Feng Shui recognizes North West as an important direction that has a connection with finding valuable people, benefactors, and luck relating to enjoying quality friendship.

The effect of the North West corner missing is that you will be far from being accessible by those who can help you and support your dream. You will be surrounded more by enemies and unhelpful people.

When North West corner is missing in your home, you always feel lonely and secluded. Nobody tends to come to your aid or rally around you.

If you notice this direction is missing, there is a Feng shui cure for the missing area.

Placing a mirror in your room facing the missing area can give a false impression of the missing area. This is because the mirror is reflective and is a powerful Feng Shui tool.

Irregular Shaped House Feng Shui

An irregular-shaped house, also called (poison arrows) may be far from receiving much-needed luck, and abundance.

The shape is inauspicious and the occupants may experience unfavorable events or ill luck.

House shapes can dramatically transform your Feng Shui experience within a house, either positively or negatively by supporting or ruining the happiness and health of the dwellers.

Feng Shui Cures For Missing Areas
feng shui cure for irregular shaped lot

Constructing a house by following the Feng Shui principle can bring success and luck. The shapes recommended by Feng Shui are either rectangular or square shapes.

But the perfect shape is the square shape which represents the earth element.

The earth element brings solidity, support, and dependability.

You will enjoy balanced energies if you pick any of these shapes. A square shape can go well for homes that are used for residential use.

In case there is an irregularity in your home, correct it by placing earth element symbols that represent a square shape in the house. It may be difficult to reconstruct your home, but you can introduce Feng Shui elements.

Get furniture that has rounded or squared feng shui corners to affirm the missing shape.

Feng Shui Protruding Corners

The corners inside the home are a great illustration of positive energy.

Protruding corners are one of the defects of the house, and they are harmful to the occupants. A protruding corner discharges negative energy which can tamper with the behavior of people in the home.

A protruding corner affects people making them feel uneasy, insecure, and irritable.

The appropriate way of curing a protruding corner is to add green natural plants to your space to balance it. Also, you can introduce items that are rounded in shape such as rounded lamps and rounded baskets.

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Feng Shui Ancestor Area

The ancestor area in the home is in the east direction inside your home. This area is responsible for health also.

If the ancestor area is missing, it may lead to health deficiency, and weakness, and can disallow growth, expansion, and abundance.

Missing ancestor areas can cause sickness, energy drain, and frustration.

The ancestor area can be restored or offset by nurturing soft natural flowers, and healthy plants, using color preferences such as blue and green hues, and pillar shapes.

Feng Shui Southwest Corner

The Southwest corner is one type that represents the earth element. It is imperative to have this corner in a home. If it is available, it stabilizes and balances your space. But when the corner is missing, it can lead to instability in life.

By having Southwest corner in your house, you are sure of financial security and debt-free.

Feng Shui Things To Avoid

Feng Shui is profoundly efficient in bringing good luck, fortune, and abundance leading to a turnaround in life. In Feng Shui, we have diverse items that are auspicious and recognized to be useful in bringing much-anticipated luck.

In the same manner, there are things or items that Feng Shui counts as inauspicious, and they should be avoided. They attract negative energy and may bring bad luck that leads to undesirable circumstances.

Therefore, if you want to utilize and take advantage of the positive energy your home has to attract, avoid these things recognized by Feng Shui to be bad omen.

  • A bed under the window: A bed under the window is something to avoid. Move your bed away from the window. There is a “command position” for your bed which allows you to see your door while lying on the bed. Also, you must not position your bed on the same wall as your room door.
  • Avoid placing mirrors in the foyer or the passage.
  • The non-attractive non-attractive and dirty main entrance
  • Cluttered indoors and outdoors.
  • Mixed flooring
  • Dirty decoration as a result of a gathering of dust gives room to stagnant energy
  • Front door facing back door.
  • Avoid your staircase facing the main entrance because the front door is the channel through which the positive energy flows into the house. Having a staircase directly facing the main entrance prevents an adequate flow of feng shui energy to the main floor and the entire house.

Feng Shui Things To Add

These items can bring good luck and happiness to your home when you add them. They are:

1. Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a feng shui plant for attracting luck and fortune. Introducing it into your home can bring luck and joy.

Be committed to nurturing this lucky bamboo plant, and it has strong adaptability quality that makes it grow under any type of light. Growing this plant will help to bring positive energy which your house needs.

2. Feng Shui tortoise

Feng Shui tortoise is an auspicious item to add to your home. It is a symbol of longevity and vitality.

This tortoise is a figurine of the real tortoise which can be used as decor in offices and homes. Just know how to position the Feng Shui tortoises to enjoy the flow of good luck and happiness.

3. Evil eye to secure your wealth

Evil Eye is a popular Feng Shui symbol used to attract good luck. Also, the evil eye can repel, and render void negative or bad energy, thereby shielding you and your home from negative effects. It serves as beautiful house decor.

4. Three-legged frog

If you are looking for a feng shui item to add to your home, it is a three-legged frog. It is one of the powerful symbols of wealth. It is tagged as a “custodian of wealth” and can secure your family fortune.

If you want to be prosperous and increase your wealth, get a three-legged frog. In addition, it can serve as a beautiful ornament to your home. 

5. The laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha is a great feng shui home addition. It is symbolic and auspicious by attracting the flow of positive energy. Add it to your home to enjoy special happiness and calmness.  

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6. Windchime

A wind chime is a good feng shui item to add to your home. It produces a pleasant sound that adds vibes to your home and surrounding.

It is an auspicious tool for attracting wealth and fortune to homes. If you desire financial turnaround, place it on your front door, both outward and inward.

7. Crystal lotus

Crystal lotus is a feng shui item that can be used at home because it has a romantic quality.

It means that adding it to your home can increase the love bond between couples.

For those anticipating getting a suitable partner, you can add to your home to attract good luck in getting your love bird. Crystal lotus can also attract wealth.

Feng Shui House Not Square

A Feng Shui house, not square is considered bad luck because the shape will not provide stability, and harmony and also will not favor the flow of positive energy.

The positive energy is repelled, leaving negative energy to penetrate. The best shape for a house in feng shui is either square or rectangular shape.

It is ideal and provides stability and a seamless flow of good energy around the home.

What is the wealth corner of the bedroom?

The wealth corner of the bedroom in whatever area of your bedroom is most valuable to you.

In the bedroom, feng shui is a powerful way to improve your personal wealth.

By following the correct feng shui rules, you can ensure your bedroom remains in balance and prosperous.

You can easily identify your wealth area at your bedroom door (the far left corner).

The following are some tips on how to increase your wealth corner in your bedroom, as well as improve your feng shui fortunes.

what to put in wealth corner of bedroom

1. Make use of Feng Shui bedroom tips to improve your bedroom’s fortunes. Feng shui is all about balance and relaxation, so by using elements like stars and planets in your bedroom’s decoration, you can help achieve this goal.

2. Add plants and statues to increase the life energy of your home. often add plants or statues near where you sleep for a sense of calm and peace. This can also help improve the chi in the room, which will result in increased wealth and success in life.

3. Use Feng Shui symbols wisely to increase wealth and happiness in your bedroom.

Feng Shui extension or missing?

Lucky Feng Shui House Extensions can help improve your home’s energy and mood. The extensions can also increase the value of your home and increase its resale value.

One of the most popular Feng Shui extensions is the addition of a feng shui altar in a bedroom.

But many people do not know how to make use of this extension and find it difficult to deepen their Feng Shui practice.

  • If you are looking for an easy way to get more out of your feng shui practice, then consider adding an altar to your bedroom.
  • This will allow you to focus on your energetic life and improve your overall well-being.


When you have any feng shui missing corners in your home, the various Feng Shui cures provided can be used to attract good luck, happiness, fortune, and ultimately the flow of positive energy.

Get your home enriched and nourished with feng shui energy, leaving no room for evil or negative energy. 

We hope you find all the above feng shui fixes and Cures For Missing Areas useful.