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Feng Shui Seashells: Meaning + Placement Tips For Good Luck

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Feng Shui has been harnessing the potential of energy to create a harmonious environment.

Feng shui takes into consideration proven tips for the proper placement of objects, including sea shells to attract wealth, prosperity, good luck, and happiness.

A seashell is such a beautiful ornament that can be used as decor with significant benefits. Seashell is recognized for its ability to bring luck and prosperity. Feng shui sees sea shells as positive and powerful objects.

Considering the significance of sea shells in feng shui, we provide helpful information on feng shui seashells meaning and how to place conch shells for good luck.

What Do Shells Symbolize?

For thousands of years, sea shells have been recognized to carry enormous symbolism. Here are a few symbolisms that are identified with seashells.

Feng Shui conch shell Benefits and Placement

1. Protection

Shells are protective containers that keep weak and defenseless sea creatures from danger, just like an Evil eye bracelet does

Shells are enveloped with the protective force of the sea. They represent a shield from danger.

Shells can be carried around for enhancing confidence and help you to discover inner strength.

2. Resilient

In most cases when you come across shells, they are in bad form, damaged, fragmented, slightly whittled, or have lost their beauty and color eroded by the force of the sea.

Yet the shells remain strong. This is a picture of resilience. You can scale through life, no matter the challenges by standing firm, resilient, and determined.

3. Beauty

Seashells symbolize beauty. Considering the formation of the seashells and the unique beauty each shell carries, you would appreciate nature.

Examine the shells and see their distinctive shape, embellish pattern, and sparking pattern. Keeping a sea shell can help you to accept your personality and appreciate it.

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4. Adaptation

Seashells symbolize existence. The mollusk goes through different struggles and difficult moments in the sea. Despite this, they are adapted to changes and devise means of surviving even in harsh environments.

5. Eternity

Seashell illustrates the beauty that remains after demise. Shells help to remind us that there is a journey that exists between life and the afterlife. Shell is a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation.

6. Self Sufficiency

Shells are gotten from the mollusk, which is their outer skeleton.

These helpless creatures reside in one shell throughout their lifetime, which consists of minerals produced even by their bodies. This represents self-sufficiency.

These sea creatures can survive by producing their security. Man can learn from this.

7. Prosperity & Wealth

Sea shells are regarded as a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and abundance. This symbol is esteemed as a religious emblem among the coastal inhabitants.

In addition, shells have been used for many years as a means of exchange, especially in Africa. Cowries shell is used as money in transacting. It symbolizes wealth.

Sea Shells Spiritual Meaning

Sea shells have a strong spiritual meaning. The shells are appreciated among many religions for their values.

The spiritual meaning of sea shells centers around the transition of the human soul from this present life into eternal life.

The shells show the remains of a living creature that once existed and the journey a creature has undergone.

When you see a shell, it shows the portion of a life that remains once the spirit has departed from the body. 

Keeping Sea Shells Benefits

Sea shells have enormous benefits and they are recognized to bring changes to the life of a man. Here are the benefits of sea shells:

How to use Feng Shui conch shell

1. Protection

Sea shells are great for protecting the home from negative energy. The shells can be placed on your windowsill to safeguard your home against negative energy.

For example, abalone shells can protect you against depression, dejection, and anxiety.

2. Boost Third Eye Chakra

Shells help in opening the third eye chakra, which is a link to the world of divinity.

The sea shells are revered as a spiritual connector. For example, cowrie shells are used for diverse types of divination as an important instrument.

3. Mental Clarity

Sea shells are suitable for meditation by providing mental clarity. They enhance meditation and are good for regaining stability when you feel stressed.

They can help anyone discover their goals and direct their path to recovering from the consequences of past challenges.

Seashells can also boost mental alertness, clarity, and receptiveness. If you want to increase your level of focus, bring a conch shell into the home.

You can make an effective decision through the activation of your insightful prowess.

4. Intuition

Seashell helps to elevate intuition, which can facilitate your decision-making and thinking.

If you want to sharpen your level of sensitivity, bring a shell into your home. It enhances sensitivity. It can enhance inspiration and creativity.

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5. Relief From Stress

Seashell is often used for meditation purposes because of its ability to promote calmness, and relief from stress, and anxiety.

6. Healing Of Hearing Ailment

For many years, sea shells are used for treating different hearing ailments. It is found to have many healing properties that are effective in alleviating hearing difficulties.

7. Calcium Replenishment   

Sea shells contain calcium and are ideal for treating calcium shortage in man.

Sea shells aid the recuperation of broken bones and any disorder associated with the spinal system. They improve the absorption of vital vitamins in the body such as vitamin A and vitamin D.

Are Sea Shells Good Feng Shui?

According to feng shui, sea shells are known for inviting positive vibes into your house or workplace.

Sea shells are good for feng shui. They carry significant values that are attached to self-esteem, resilience, comfort, and protection.

They have many symbolisms which make auspicious objects for attracting luck, prosperity, and abundance

Sea shells are good feng shui because is one object that represents the transition from the physical world to life beyond. 

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Healing Properties Of Sea Shells

Sea shells have fascinating properties in which healing is one of them. The following are the healing properties of sea shells:

1. Physical Healing Properties

Sea shells have healing properties that provide energy, stability, and renewal of physical strength.

Shells possess healing abilities that can cure diseases like speech disorders and deteriorative illnesses.

2. Emotional Healing Properties

Sea shells are potent enough to provide emotional healing which makes you strong and stable.

Shells can help you overcome emotional disorders such as depression, sadness, low self-esteem, boredom, etc.

It can make you emotionally stable, and enhance your mental prowess to make a good decision.

3. Spiritual Healing Properties

Shells are powerful to minimize the effect of stress and boost your alertness. Shells can help you to recover on time mentally, physically, and emotionally through spiritual powers.

Feng Shui Seashells Placement

To get the best out of feng shui objects, proper placement is necessary. Check the feng shui shell placements. 

Feng Shui Shell Placements. 

 LuckPlacement Tips Of Sea shell for luck and Prosperity
Wealth  Sea shells are great for activating wealth luck and to activate career luck. The shell can be placed in the north area of your space to boost your earnings. 
TravelA conch shell is commonly seen with the traveler. Conch is exclusively valuable for businessmen who embark on a business meeting. Place a conch shell inside your traveling bag to attract auspicious energy.  It can serve as a powerful protective charm.  
InvestmentA conch shell can be placed in the southeast area to enhance your investment and help save more.
Love and RelationshipTo bolster your love and relationship, a shell can be placed in the southwest corner of your rooms. It can enhance your love affairs and can bring fix broken relationships.
EducationPlace a shell in the northeast corner of your living room
FriendsA conch shell can help attract supportive friends. If you feel lonely, and want to attract new friends, place a conch shell in the south corner of your space.
FameIf you want to be famous, and rise to prominence in your career, a shell can be placed in the south corner of your home.
 EducationPlace a shell in the northeast corner of your living room. Placing a conch shell in this area can promote clarity and help to enhance your wisdom base. If you want to make a good decision, use this shell. 

Types Of Sea Shell

Sea shells are loaded with vast healing properties. Sea shells are similar to healing crystals with definite healing properties that are useful. Here are the healing properties of a seashell.

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Types Of Sea Shell

Types Of Sea Shell  Uses
Abalone ShellIt enhances cordial interaction, fosters communication serenity, and self-worth, and heals.
Clams, Mussels, and Oysters ShellIt has cleansing, affection, and good luck properties. Because of its healing ability, it is used as a talisman. You will find one kept exclusively in the bag of healers.
Starfish ShellRecognized for its ability to provide direction and inspiration. The star represents rebirth, renaissance, a new beginning, and self-sufficiency.
Olive Shell  It is embellished with purification and healing power. 
Limpet ShellIt has great properties that portray bravery, self-belief, and vigor. It is vested with the power
Cowrie ShellsIt is utilized for the display of wealth,  success, and profusion, with extensive influence on finances. The Cowrie is a symbol of the strength of destiny and affluence and is identified with unique properties to pass across facts about modesty.  
Sand DollarSand dollar possesses the insight and energy needed to prepare for the increase, spiritual growth, and stability.

How To Keep Sea Shells At Home?

There are many ways to keep sea shells at home. You can keep them where you want them to be effective. Check a few places to keep your sea shells at home.

  • Sea shells can be kept on a window sill to attract the energy of protection. It is a protective symbol for the house.
  • Sea shells can be kept in the bedroom to attract the energy of friendship, love, and cordial relationship.
  • Sea shells can be kept inside a water fountain as a way of sustaining and protecting the water element which symbolizes wealth and prosperity.
  • Sea shells can be kept in the wealthy corner to enhance wealth, which is the southeast corner.

Sea Shells Feng Shui Remedy

Sea shells can serve as a feng shui remedy. Use these tips for a feng shui remedy.

Feng Shui Remedy

Strengthen marital relationshipPlace the sea shells in the southwest area of your bedroom.
Protection of homePlace the sea shells on a window sill to bring positive energy.
Stable CareerPlace it on your table as decor to enjoy a successful career.
Foster good luckPut shells in a basket to attract the kind of luck you want in life.
Improve the education of your childrenPosition sea shells in the northeast section of your living room to give a boost to their education.
To accumulate more wealth  Use sea shells to beautify your water fountain. It helps to earn more and protect what you have.
Feng Shui Seashells

How To Hang Feng Shui Sea Shell Wind Chime

Looking to add a little interest to your home or garden? Why not try out hanging a Feng Shui sea shell wind chime?

These small, but sturdy wind chimes are perfect for adding a bit of festive fun to any space. Plus, they can be hung in any window or door niche for added visual appeal.

So what are you waiting for? Give Feng Shui sea shell wind chime a try today!

Hang Feng Shui sea shell wind chime in the west direction of your home which is related to the mental element.

In Conclusion

Feng shui sea shell is available to make your home a hub of positive energy and luck. Your health can receive a boost with this object too.

Sea shells are a symbol of protection. Because the shells are strong, they can stand the test of time. The shells can protect against bad spirits.

Feng Shui Seashells FAQs

Q: Which Type Of Shell Is Good For Home

The best shell for home is a conch shell. It is auspicious. It can bring positive energy into the house.  

Q: Where Is Sea Shell Gemstone Found?

Seashell gemstones can be found in North America, the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Q: Can Shells Be Kept At Home?

Yes! Shells can be kept at home. They provide protection and attract good energy.

Q: Do Shells Have Energy?

Yes. They have positive energy.

Q: How Do You Hang Sea Shells On The Wall?

Hang sea shells to the wall using epoxy glue to make the shell stick to the wall.

Q: What God Is Associated With Seashells?

Sea shells are associated with the goddess Aphrodite.

Q: How Do You Test Authentic Sea Shells?

An authentic sea shell usually appears to be curved in shape naturally. Look out for this shape.

Q: Right-Handed Conch Shell Meaning?

Right-Handed Conch Shell means evoking wealth and prosperity and awakening power for ushering good spirits.

Q: Shells With Holes Meaning

The shells with holes mean accepting the challenges that come your way and facing the challenges headlong.

The challenges of life are there to sharpen you and make you a better person.