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How To Feng Shui Classroom For Better Focus [Layout + Color]

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As the world keeps evolving today, many things are fighting for the attention of our students. They have a tough time focusing on their studies.

To make these pupils concentrate on their studies, there is a need to help them concentrate by creating an environment conducive enough for learning. 

That is where Feng Shui comes to play. Feng shui is a popular ancient science with an amazing impact on education.

Feng shui can be applied to the classroom and the learning of the students can be greatly improved. 

A feng shui classroom will be helpful for both the students and the teacher by maximizing the auspicious positive energy. Feng shui can boast the concentration and assimilation of the students. It can create an encouraging learning environment that gives the teacher able to teach properly. 

By following a feng shui classroom, you can avert some problems that relate to student restiveness, disorderliness, and distraction.

So, how do you go about feng shui in your classroom? In this blog, you will learn how to feng shui classroom.

How To Feng Shui Classroom
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Why Do You Need To Feng Shui Classroom?

A classroom is a vital place where feng shui can be incorporated. Feng shui can influence your classroom as a teacher.

Therefore, by applying feng shui, you can create the right environment that establishes a harmonious relationship between teachers and students.

With a better environment, the capacity of each student to concentrate and learn will be greatly improved.

It will help the teacher to be more efficient and make his job easy.

How To Feng Shui Classroom Tips

Here are the tips that can be applied to feng shui in a classroom. 

1. Determine The Teacher’s Position

Start the feng shui classroom by determining the teacher’s command position.

This command position helps you to be in control of your classroom. To achieve this, the teacher’s desk can be placed in the command position.

The command position is also known as the lucky corner. The corner is opposite and transverse to the entrance to the classroom.

By staying in this position, the teacher will have a view of the classroom and see the door, provide a sense of support, and improves the command of the teacher.

2. Put A Calming Tone

Creating a calming atmosphere should be the priority of the teacher.

This covers de-cluttering the classroom to make it look calm and friendly. Keep every material from littering the classroom.

Make sure the shelves are arranged, and unused items like paper are disposed of. Teachers should ensure the visual materials are to lessen distraction and increase focus. 

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3. Use Nature’s Colors

Incorporating nature’s colors can help improve students’ concentration.

Replace any vibrant image with pictures of nature, landscapes, the universe, or natural elements which can make the classroom feel cool and relaxed.

Nature’s colors like beige, brownish tones, and green are ideal for setting up a relaxed classroom.

4. Identify!

One of the ways of a feng shui classroom is to set up a fame and recognition corner of your classroom.

This corner will help to acknowledge and appreciate the students for their accomplishments.

This is the south corner. You can place a picture of what they have achieved, maybe a gift, medal, or trophy.

5. Enhance The Education Corner

In feng shui, there is an education corner and this corner is the northeast area. This corner of the space helps to improve the mind and make it productive.

When this corner is identified and boosted, it can enhance the focus of the students.

The students can be taught in this corner and they can also read. The students can be guided on how to meditate in this corner too.

6. Ground Students

If you want to do feng shui in your classroom, the student’s learning and focus can be improved by bringing earth-related symbols.

Positioning pictures of landscapes, mountains, the universe, maps, and earth elements in the classroom can assist the students to be grounded and improve their concentration.

Earth is symbolic in feng shui. It represents stability, and focus. Position these pictures in the northeast and southwest areas of the classroom.

7. Create An Improved Learning Environment At The Door

In feng shui, the main door of a house or classroom is vital. You can feng shui classroom by improving the doorway.

Make the doorway inviting and auspicious. The doorway can be beautified in a manner that sends a message about the purpose of the room.

For the classroom, place educational themes at the doorway. The doorway can be enhanced by placing a nature theme in the area where the door is placed.

Feng Shui Classroom Colors

Colors are influencers and much respected in feng shui. By putting up the right color, you can turn your classroom into a good feng shui. Here are the feng shui classroom colors:

Lucky Feng Shui Classroom Colors

1. Red

  • This color is known to be strong, energetic, and vibrant. It is a color that is obvious and catches the attention of people.
  • Red can be used in the classroom to increase brain coordination. Nevertheless, too much red in the classroom can cause overreaction.
  • One of the great ways to rope in this color into the classroom is by using furniture made with red colors such as chairs.

Red is effective in improving and maintaining focus. A suitable balance can be struck by combining bright red with dark green which can bring calmness and energy.   

2. Blue Color

The blue color is a symbol of communication, intuition, and productivity.

Using this color can help the students to feel calm, restful, and excited. This color can be used in the reading area of the classroom or the library.

3. Orange

This is an auspicious color and fosters happiness. Orange helps to incite focus and encourages orderliness.

Orange is perfect when used in small quantities, such as red. You can use orange furniture too. Too much of it can be powerful.    

4. Yellow

Yellow is a color renowned for enhancing creativity and bolstering the concentration of younger children.

To enforce the warmness of your classroom, use a darker tone of yellow, while the lighter type establishes a sense of joy.

If you want to use yellow in your classroom, bring it in form of furniture. Use the color in places where you want to encourage creativity and inspiration.

5. Green

If you want to improve the focus and promote tranquility, choose a green color.

This color is outstanding when it comes to enhancing concentration and maintaining calmness.

It is an ideal color that can be utilized in classrooms. The green color is naturally calm and improves focus. 

6. Purple

Purple will work in meditation corners. It is a color that symbolizes influence, power, and authority.

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Purple is also cool and calm. Therefore, using it will bring warmth and relaxation to your classroom.

7. Accent Walls for Certain Activities

Some colors are best used as supplementary colors. You can combine many colors for your walls.

Color selection is also important when choosing some materials to be used in the classroom like decors, mats, rugs, toys, furniture, wall art, and posters.

Feng Shui Preschool Classroom

If you want to feng shui your preschool classroom, first check out the layout of the preschool classroom, locate the northeast corner, and then activate it.

  • The northeast corner governs learning and this can be energized by decorating the zone with the earth element.
  • Earth colors like brown or green can be used to decorate the zone. You can put the classroom’s earth globe there.
  • This will facilitate the assimilation of your pupils. The corner can also be activated by painting the area with red color and bright lights.
  • You can feng shui preschool classroom by ensuring all the sections of your classroom are well delineated.

This will help the students to identify which section they are entering. Mostly, in this case, the graphical illustration will be better.

How To Feng Shui Entrance For Classroom Layout

Feng Shui Classroom Layout

In feng shui, the entrance or main door plays an important role.

It is seen as a medium through which energy flows into the house and classroom.

A feng shui entrance to a classroom layout can bring positive energy and improve students’ concentration. This is how to feng shui entrance for classroom layout.

1. Entry for Feng Shui Classroom Layout

The entry to a feng shui classroom should deliver an unhindered pathway for pupils to move freely in and out of the classroom. The entry to your classroom should be accessible without anything blocking it.  

2. Allow The Chi Energy To Flow

The feng shui classroom aims to initiate a layout that permits positive energy to move freely in your classroom steadily. In feng shui, it is required to remove whatever can block this flow.

Teacher’s Desk Placement Tips

As the teacher, your desk needs to be positioned in a way that will give you control. Follow the desk placement tips below:

1. Place the Teacher’s Desk Diagonally Opposite the Door

  • When the desk is correctly placed, it is a good feng shui. It is suggested to place your desk diagonally opposite the classroom door.
  • This placement allows you to have a complete view of anyone that comes in and go out.
  • If it is impossible to position your desk diagonally opposite the door, position it to face the door or relatively in line with the door.
  • However, is good to place an obstruction to prevent the bad energy from speeding up toward you.

2. Avoid Placing Teacher’s Desk Across From Door

  • Another teacher’s desk placement is to avoid sitting directly across from the door.
  • This position can be devastating because the negative energy will be continually hitting you.
  • When this continues, you will experience an energy drain and be a victim of inexorable tension.
  • If your desk cannot be moved directly from the door, a crystal can be hung between you and the main door to absorb the negative energy.

You can also put it in front of your desk plants. This can absorb bad energy too and release good energy. 

3. Avoid Placing Teacher’s Desk In Line With the Door

  • Sitting with your desk in line with the door is inauspicious.
  • It will obstruct your view of anyone coming into your classroom. You’re blinded to see.
  • Place your desk in a command position, which will make you see anyone walking into your classroom, and be in control too.
  • Consider placing the natural plant on the floor between you and the door to absorb the negative energy flowing into the classroom.

Feng Shui Layout For Student Desks

There are a number of Feng Shui layouts for student desks, depending on what type of student they are.

A common layout is an inverted pyramid, which helps create an intimate and comfortable space for studying.

  • Other popular Feng Shui layouts include the nine evil monkeys, which features a dragon sitting in the student’s chair, and the five amendments to nature, which features a thunderbolt in the desk’s center.
  • This layout is believed to help you focus and get more done in your classes.
  • Another best arrangement for the student desks is the one that will make them stay in command by having a vivid view of the classroom door.
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There are many different Feng Shui layouts that can befit any type of student, so it’s important to find one that will work best for them.

Top Things To Avoid In Feng Shui Classroom

  • Don’t allow your students to sit directly opposite the door because of the inflow of chi energy which can affect their focus.
  • Avoid placing the students to face each other.
  • Avoid placing the teacher’s desk across the door.

Bagua Map For Classroom

Feng Shui Classroom

The Bagua map is made up of 8 energy areas in feng shui, and each of these energy areas has an impact.

There are four of these energy areas that can impact positively your classroom and students. They include:

1. Family, Relationship & Fresh Start Area (Zhen):

This area can be activated by placing a natural plant, which represents a wood element.

You can also place pictures of a lovely family, and group. Zhen deals with family, intellectual development, strength, and fresh starts.

2. Knowledge & Self-Development Area (Gen):

This area deals with knowledge & self-development. This area can be activated by placing images of mountains, landscapes, inspirational posters, and earthy materials.

3. Travel & Helpful People Area (Qian)

The Helpful People & Travel area can be found at the front right section of the Bagua.

This area is activated for vocation and helps to energize students when it is time to travel or make an excursion.

This area can also position the students to enjoy the support needed to achieve their dreams.

4. Children & Productivity (Dui)

This area supports children’s creativity, and productivity. Energize this zone by placing the artwork made by your pupils, academic accomplishments, prizes, or medals they can boast of.

Classroom Feng Shui FAQs

Q: Which Direction Should I Face While Teaching?

The best direction is facing the students while

Q: What Is The Best Location For A Classroom?

The best direction for classrooms is either the North or East.

Q: Does It Matter Where You Sit In A Classroom?

Sitting position matters in a classroom. Make sure to sit in the command position mentioned above.

Q: How Should I Set Up My Classroom?

Start with your desk. Place it in a power position. The student’s desks should be placed not facing each other and in such a manner positive energy can flow freely between them.  

What Is The Best Classroom Arrangement?

The best classroom arrangement allows both the teacher and students to maximize the auspicious positive energy. The best classroom arrangement is guided by the following:

  • Ensure the pathway is cleared and clutter-free. It allows free movement.
  • The teacher’s desk should be placed diagonally opposite the door.

What Do You Put In A Corner Of A Classroom?

You can place the following:

  • An earthy vase containing beautiful indoor plants.
  • Inspirational materials
  • Artwork and project of the students.

What Should I Put On My Classroom Wall?

You can place the following on your classroom wall:

  • Inspirational posters.
  • Images of nature such as a mountain, landscapes, and trees.
  • Attractive displays will make the pupils thrilled and relaxed.

In Conclusion

Feng Shui is a powerful tool that can be used in the classroom to improve the overall atmosphere.

By using feng shui techniques, students can create a more positive and calming environment for learning.

You can create harmony between you, your students, and the environment that can aid effective teaching and the students’ focus.