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Chi Lin Feng Shui Meaning and Placement Tips For Good Luck

This guide is intended to share Chi Lin Feng Shui Meaning and Placement tips. It is also called the sacred dragon horse and is used as a good luck symbol.

In Feng Shui, there are different symbols, depictions, and significant animals. One kind of them is the Chi Lin. Chi Lin is a legendary and mystical animal that represents abundance, wealth, wisdom, good luck, and longevity.

The acceptance of Chi Lin cuts across many cultures and tribes. It is popular across Asia and is also known as Kirin, Qilin, or the Dragon horse. And because of its significance, it is respected and cherished by the Chinese people.

Chi Lin Feng Shui Meaning

The Chi Lin is believed to embody all five elements, but the most prevalent element is the fire element. This legendary unicorn is connected with virtues, kindness, and compassion and appears as a good omen that carries with it the writings of great pearls of wisdom.

Based on the good nature of Chi Lin, it is used as a symbol that can attract sturdy defensive energies and enrich its owner with fortune, good luck, long life, and abundance.  

Since Chi Lin has many ways to benefit people, we provided helpful information on Chi Lin Feng Shui’s meaning and placement in this blog. Check the topics below to gain more knowledge about the Chi Lin can help.

  • What is Chi Lin in Feng Shui?
  • Chi Lin’s spiritual meaning
  • Chi Lin Feng Shui meaning
  • Difference between Male or Female Chi Lin?
  • Chi Lin Feng Shui placement tips
  • How To Use Chi Lin in Feng Shui For Good Luck
  • Feng Shui Applications for Chi Lin
  • How to wear Chi Lin Amulets
  • Chi Lin Chinese Unicorn Feng Shui Cure
  • FAQs

What is Chi Lin in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, Chi Lin is a widely acceptable, and one of the most vital mystical animals acknowledged as an auspicious spirit that is believed to be kind, and virtuous, and can attract positivity and goodness.

Chi Lin carries benevolent nature which makes it dear and seen as a legendary auspicious creature in many cultures. Hence, Chi Lin is used for a wide range of applications from decorative materials, to a necklace and so on. 

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A Chi Lin is identified with the following:

  • A single horn on its forehead
  • A yellow belly
  • A multicolored back
  • A deer body
  • An ox tail 

Chi Lin Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of Chi Lin surrounds a legendary animal that is seen to be a symbol of wisdom, prosperity, good luck, goodwill, and longevity.

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Chi Lin shares strong identification with compassion, bravery, virtue, and talent, and denotes a good omen that can predict the greatness that is ahead in life. It is a creature that is calm, and peaceful, although is used to represent strength and authority.  

The spiritual meaning of Chi Lin also centers on fertilization. Chi Lin is symbolic of fertility and the accompanying joy of conceiving and giving birth to a new baby.

This creature is acknowledged by its ability to refuse to walk on the grass to prevent damaging the grass blades. This fact explained why the unicorn desires to walk on air.

Chi Lin Feng Shui Meaning

In Feng Shui, Chi Lin shares a connection with long life, happiness, wealth, majesty, prosperity, celebration, glory, wisdom, and renowned children. It is a creature that is calm, kind, generous, and benign. It is seen to carry a magical positive omen that can be used to turn the fortune of a person around.

This Chinese unicorn fascinates good luck and success for children because of its connection with children. Women who desire to have children can place the statues of Chi Lin close either at the place of work or at home.

Feng Shui Chi Lin has protective nature which is capable of protecting against evil spirits and negativity. It is an animal that has a judging nature. Chi Lin does not support injustice, and hence is a figure of justice that incinerate the wicked and the corrupt. 

Additionally, Chi Lin is not a creature identified with causing any harm to the good people. Rather it punishes the wicked.

Difference Between Male or Female Chi Lin?

Majorly, the difference between male Chi Lin and female Chi Lin comes from the name. Although, the name Chi Lin encompasses the whole species, both the males and the females of it.

  Male Chi Lin  Female Chi Lin
The male bears the name “Chi”The female bears the name “Lin”
Male Chi Lin is identified with a globe ball under their feet which symbolizes the world is placed beneath his feet.Female Chi Lin is identified as having either an ingot or a cub beneath her foot on the left hand.

Chi Lin Feng Shui Placement Tips

According to Feng Shui, there are suitable ways you place your Chi Lin that make it auspicious. Therefore, placement is important. The following are the Feng Shui placement tips for Chi Lin.

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  1. Place a pair of Chi Lin at the main door on both sides of the Chi Lin faces in the direction of the stairs to help in dispersing the negative energy. The figure of Chi Lin can be placed directly on the floor or even place on a platform to raise it. The small figurine of Chi Lin can also be put in the foyer that faces the front door too.
  2. Placing 3 protective Chi Lin can be used to serve as a remedy to alleviate loss and curtail the negative energy.
  3. Chi Lin can be placed at the wealth corner facing outside to attract prosperity, abundance, and wealth. It can change your financial status when you put this creature with treasures at its feet and coins in its mouth.
  4. Chi Lin can boost the educational luck of your children. Chi Lin can be placed in the northeast direction of the study room of your house to facilitate the improvement of your children’s pedagogic luck in their learning.
  5. Chi Lin can be placed on the office desk facing north to enhance your career luck, and attract excellency. So, if you are experiencing a career setback, place a figurine of this creature in your office space.
  6. The figure of Chi Lin can be used as an ornament for adorning the living space of your home. To achieve this, place a pair of Chi Lin figurines in the east or southeast area of your home which is a director responsible for health, family, finance, and prosperity.
  7. Chi Lin can be displayed in the southwest corner of your home to improve your relationship, marriage, and love life.
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To place Chi Lin at home, get a small-sized Chi Lin rather than a huge size to serve as a decorative object too.

How To Use Chi Lin In Feng Shui For Good Luck

Good LuckUsage
Prevent Negative EnergyThe main door attracts positive energy (Chi) and protects your home against negative energy.
CareerNorth direction because this is the corner of the career zone.
ChildrenPlace in the northeast direction for the excellent of your children in their studies
MarriageSouthwest corner for improving your love life.
WealthSoutheast corner of your home, business, and your office
Protection From Danger and HarmsEast area of your home with its head facing the front door

Feng Shui Applications For Chi Lin

The application of Chi Lin is enriching and beneficial. You can apply Chi Lin in the following areas:

1. Front Entry

A pair of Chi Lin can be flanked at each side of the front entry of your home and can be positioned as door guards to protect against any negative energy.

Your front door can be protected against intruders too, and attract prosperity, happiness, joy, longevity, and good luck to your home.

A pair of Chi Lin figurines is appropriate for this type of application. 

2. Desk or Workspace

For anyone looking to boost their career and enjoy a promotion, Chi Lin can be effective. Chi Lin can draw overall career accomplishments and good luck when positioned on the desk or in an office space.

In this type of application, a single Chi Lin will work well. Place the figurine on a desk or in your workspace.

You can even take this application to another level by adding a few Chinese coins to enjoy more wealth and prosperity in your work.

A symbol of a Chi Lin can be a special gift for your friends, or acquaintance that is on the verge of securing or taking up a new career or job.

3. Three Killings Cure

It is believed in Feng Shui that 3 Chi Lin is effective in protecting and overcoming the three killings. Therefore, 3 Chi Lin is a 3 killings cure.

Three Killings fall among the annual afflictions found in the Feng Shui order of Flying Stars.

4. Center Of The Home, The Tai Qi

The Tai Qi is referred to as the center of the home and is associated with the important components of your life and house. Tai Qi is also linked with the state of your physical condition and complete health.

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A Chi Lin positioned in the center of the home can attract all the positive and helpful parts of the figurine such as good fortune, happiness, abundance, and long life.  

5. The Bedroom

The role played by the bedroom is crucial as it is a part of the house that shares a strong connection with its occupants.

Therefore, Chi Lin can be applied and positioned in the master bedroom to help with the can assist to create and attract good things such as prosperity and abundance.

How To Wear Chi Lin Amulets

Chi Lin can be worn as amulets on your hands and body as jewelry, charms, or embroidery. Wearing the Chi Lin amulet can serve as a protective and lucky charm to prevent or dispel unpleasant circumstances and negative friendships.

Also, wearing a Chi Lin amulet can defend you against gossiping and negative manipulations. If you want to overcome difficulties and scale through bad situations around you, wear the Chi Lin amulet.

A Chi Lin amulet can foster wealth and abundance for its wearer.

Chi Lin Chinese Unicorn Feng Shui Cure

Chi Lin is referred to as the Chinese Unicorn and according to Feng Shui, it is a strong cure for warding off negative flying stars.

Chi Lin Chinese Unicorn is an auspicious creature that symbolizes wealth, abundance, good omen, prosperity, success, longevity, and childbearing.  

The Chinese Unicorn can be positioned to avert or suppress the effect of negative energy that may gain entrance into the home.

Chi Lin can serve as a cure for the 3 killings problem by displaying 3 Chi Lin figurines in your home. Also, for controlling the 3 killings, the most prevalent cure is adopting the celestial guardians of three comprising the Chi Lin, Pi Yao, and Fu Dog.

Benefits Of Feng Shui Chi Lin

Feng Shui Chi Lin has tremendous benefits associated with wealth, longevity, prosperity, joy, benevolence, and overall well-being. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Chi Lin can protect your home against danger, bad energy, and negative influence.
  2. Chi Lin can attract good luck and success to your home.
  3. Chi Lin can serve as a decorative object for beautifying your home.
  4. Chi Lin can chase and dispel evil spirits and dangerous people.
  5. Promotes the energy (chi) that comes into your house.
  6. Chi Lin can propel joy and goodness into your life.
  7. Chi Lin can help to dissolve negative energy (chi) from forming around your vicinity.


Are you aspiring for great heights in life and wishing to attract good things? Chi Lin can serve as a powerful auspicious animal for your benefit.

Chi Lin creature holds immense value and its representation in your home and work can help you to enjoy courage, influence, focus, inner strength, kindness, prosperity, abundance, love, trustworthiness, and consistency.

Positioning this famous mystical symbol at your main entrance door can bar the rushing negative energy. If you want to change your status in the community, give attention to the Chi Lin symbol and enjoy incredible abundance and wealth luck continually trailing your path.

Chi Lin Feng Shui Meaning and Placement FAQ

Q: How To Care For Chi Lin

The kind of attention given to a particular thing shows how you will benefit from it maximally. It is right to give full attention and care to your Chi Lin.

You can also clean it from day to day to prevent dust in form of stagnant energy from gathering on it.