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Blue Rhino Feng Shui Meaning, Placement Tips For Safety

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Are you looking for some protection against the Violent star? Click here to see the Blue Rhino Feng Shui Meaning, Placement Tips For Safety.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art. It is the art of creating a balance between your life and the environment.

According to Feng Shui, everything in the universe is alive and carries energy within it. This energy could be negative or positive.

The Chinese believe that surrounding yourself with a positive flow of energy will bring you luck and blessings in all aspects of your life. 

  • The Blue Rhino is an important symbol of protection in Feng Shui. It became popular because it has the power to defend you against the 7th Flying Star in Feng Shui.
  • It is essential to avoid the star, and that is only possible if you place a Blue Rhino in the entryway.
  • A Blue Rhino is considered protection against enemies, clashes, robberies, injuries, and any other unforeseen incidents.
  • It keeps away the negativity and should be placed in pairs by the main door of your office or house so that it can defend you against the negative energy that wants to enter your humble abode.   

The whole point of Feng Shui is to invite a positive flow of energy into your home by designing and arranging items in a way that exhibits an energized vibe in the space.

Symbolism in Feng Shui

Symbolism is a big part of Feng Shui. Feng Shui includes animals and objects representing different blessings any individual would want in their life.

Blue Rhino Feng Shui Meaning
Blue Rhino Feng Shui Meaning

Colors are also a part of this symbolism and play a big part in bringing positive energy into a believer’s life. 

  • The two most important symbols to understand the concept of Feng Shui are Yin and Yang. They represent positivity and negativity. 
  • It is believed that all negative and positive energy has to act together and live together in order to be able to bring perfect harmony and balance to life.
  • Yin and yang represent all opposites and suggest that they both need each other for a balance in life. They represent day and night, black and white, life and death, and even male and female.
  • Yin and Yang symbolize that neither can live without the other, and they both need each other to be a part of life.
  • All symbols in Feng Shui relate to Yin and Yang and can be classified under either of these.
  • There are numerous symbols in Feng Shui. Some of the most famous ones are Fu Dogs, Chi Lin, The Buddha, and Blue Elephant.
  • Feng Shui symbols must be used correctly because otherwise, they might have an adverse effect. 
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Blue Rhino Meaning in Feng Shui

Blue Rhino is one of the symbols of Feng Shui, and it brings protection to the person who owns it

  • Blue Rhino is a symbol of protection.
  • It protects you from unwanted and unseen circumstances like a robbery, an injury, or a loss.
  • It helps keep the ill intentions of people away.
  • People place it in their homes often alongside the blue elephant.
  • Rhinos are majestic giant creatures that are meant to be a symbol of protection.
  • It can often be seen with an elephant, which is also symbolized a protector.
  • The blue rhino gives protection against violent stars.  

Violent Star

Stars have a lot of relevance in Feng Shui. The flying stars are a Feng Shui phenomenon.

  • According to this, the 9 Flying Star has an influence over our life and our building.  
  • A number represents each star, from 1 to 9. There are some good stars, and some are considered bad. 
  • Each star brings some positive or negative energy to life. The negative ones must be avoided, while the positive ones should be kept in focus with the help of Feng Shui practices.
  • The good stars bring good luck in health, wealth, and good fortunes in every aspect of life, while bad stars are violent and can bring negative vibes and bad energy to your life. 
  • All flying stars have a base element like water, earth, metal, wood, and fire.
  • Flying star 7 has a base element of metal. It is the Star of Violence and is known to be aggressive. 
  • Since the 7th star is representative of the element metal. It means it symbolizes metal weapons like swords etc. 
  • The 7th star represents negativity of any kind like conflicts, accidents, injuries, robberies, and other mishaps. 
  • The Flying stars change places annually, and they are tracked on a chart called Lo Shu. The Feng Shui new year has a dominating star every year. 
  • The chart helps understand the auspicious positions of stars and where the focus is needed. Feng Shui cures can be applied in places where bad stars are to protect from the oncoming negativity in a building.
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How Blue Rhino Symbol Protects Us

As a protector, the Blue Rhino holds a lot of importance. It is a powerful symbol in Feng Shui.

  • The Blue Rhino is a gentle giant, and people place it in their homes to get protection. It wards off evil and ill intentions. It also casts away any bad happenings in the future that can’t be seen or are sudden.
  • Rhinos were considered special in ancient Chinese medicine, especially their horn. They are considered majestic because of their horns. 
  • The blue rhino also is believed to protect you from sabotaging and backstabbing people in your life. It may be from your career or your personal life. 
  • Many rich people who are into Feng Shui place big statues of the Blue Rhino in their homes for protection.
  • Blue Rhino protects from the aggression of the 7th star. This is because of the symbolic weapon of the horn on the rhino. 

Significance of Color Blue

The color blue represents different things in Feng Shui. Different tones affect differently.

  • Since Feng Shui relies heavily on symbolism, it is natural that every color in Feng Shui means something. 
  • Feng Shui defines colors similarly to other symbols. All colors represent some traits of life.
  • Wealth, happiness, health, calmness, career, peace, and harmony are just traits that colors and other symbols represent and bring luck to Feng Shui.
  • The dark blue color of the blue rhino represents calmness and stability in life.
  • The rhino is blue because it represents the element water, and water cuts the 7th-star element of metal, making it a protector against enemies.

Placement of Blue Rhino

Since the blue rhino is a protector, it is believed that it should be put in the entryway.

The entryway holds a lot of significance in Feng Shui. It is where all the energy enters from in our life and should be decorated with items that reciprocate a positive flow of energy.

Blue Rhino Feng Shui Meaning and Placement of Blue Rhino
Placement of Blue Rhino

These items should absorb the positive energy to create a balance and should cast away the negative vibes.

  1. This is where the blue rhino’s importance lies, and it is placed in the entryway to protect the home from people who have evil intentions. 
  2. The Blue Rhino should face outwards so that it tackles the negativity coming into your life head-on.
  3. It also keeps away the negative flow to enter a home using its defensive traits.
  4. The Blue Rhino is often placed in pairs.
  5. The pair should be placed on an elevated surface.
  6. According to the Lo Shu square, the flying stars chart, the blue rhino can also be placed in the affected areas. However, it should always be placed facing outwards towards the entryway.
  7. People also keep it in their offices near the main door to keep away the double-cross, backstabbing of office politics.
  8. The blue rhino often accompanies the blue elephant in homes. It is also a symbol of protection. Both giant guards are kept together to keep bad luck and negativity at bay.
  9. There are keychains available with amulets of Blue Rhino, and people carry it around everywhere in order to seek protection from the 7th Flying Star. 
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FAQs- Blue Rhino Feng Shui Meaning and Placement

Q: How do you place a Rhino?

Place a blue rhino outdoors if possible. Otherwise, you can place it in the entryway so that it can protect you from any oncoming negativity in your life.

Blue Rhino is not only meant to be placed in homes. It can also be placed at your office to protect you from the bad intentions of people and your enemies.

Some people even carry it in keychains with the blue elephant.

Q: What does blue elephant mean in Feng Shui?

Feng Shui considers blue elephants as sacred animals. They are giant majestic creatures and are considered protectors.

According to Feng Shui, the big creatures help bring in good luck and act as guards for the home if placed outside or in the entryway in sets.

Q: In what direction do you face an elephant for good luck?

According to Feng Shui, elephant statues should face North and should be placed outdoors or in the entryway to bring you luck and protect you from the negative energy.