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15 Useful Feng Shui House Below Street Level Cures For Luck

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There are different kinds of houses, and one of such is the house below street level.

In Feng Shui, a house below street level is considered an inauspicious kind of property that everyone should stay away from because of the negative impacts on its occupants. 

The house below street level is not good feng shui because the house is simply open to the flow of negative energy and bad luck. Negative energy rushing down the street easily finds its way into the house below street level.

Apart from negative energy easily flowing into the house, houses below street level tend to consume more money in terms of maintenance and different kinds of repairs needed to keep the house perfect.

Such a house should be avoided.

However, living in a house below the street level or owning a property below the street level is not the end. There is a cure.

In this blog, you will discover the Feng Shui house below street level cures. These cures can be applied to your home, and you’ll see meaningful changes.

Feng Shui House Below Street Level Cures

Can You Build A House On A Slope

Building a house on a slope is possible, and this is based on choice. A beautiful house can be built on a sloping lot.

Building a house on a slope has its advantages and disadvantages. It is widely known that constructing a house on a slope will require more money and consume more time when compared to building on flat land.

There is no mistake in building a house on a slope, but you must prepare to employ some Feng Shui cures for your home on a slope to make the house a good Feng Shui.

Few Benefits Of Building a House On a Slope

1. Landscaping:

  • One of the key factors that appeal too many for building on a slope is the striking landscapes that can be put up on such type of land.
  • This type of land provides an incredible opportunity for landscaping.
  • For those who are fascinated by home design patterns, then constructing a house on a slope can be a great project.

2. Access to fascinating views:

  • Building on a slope provides an amazing opportunity to have the best views at any time.
  • You have different views ranging from the vast lush vegetation to isolated jungle and beautiful views of the town.
  • There is a possibility to have spectacular views even while staying inside your home. 

3. Enjoy privacy:

Besides the huge scenes that are accessible from homes on sloppy land, there is also a benefit of privacy that accompanied it.

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If you are a person that prefers to maintain a high level of privacy, having a home on a sloping site may fit your requirements.

4. Enjoy more space:

When you have a house on a slope, it provides more space. You’ve enough space to yourself by choosing to expand the basement as you prefer.

5. Adequate lighting:

  • Building on a slope enjoys adequate natural lighting because of the level it is situated.
  • To make this perfect, you can choose large bay windows which give the natural lighting to penetrate more.
  • Be aware of the side effects when you decide to build a house on a slope.

Of course building on a slope has its cons such as drain problems, high cost of maintenance, and accessibility difficulties because of the topography of the land.

In feng shui, building on a slope faces washing away of good luck and positive energy as a result of the position.

Slope House Meaning In Feng Shui

The meaning of slope house in Feng Shui is attached to the activity that surrounds the house.

Since the house is on a slope, the structure (topography) of the land easily carts away good things away from your house such as wealth, health, abundance, and good luck.

The slope house experiences such a negative impact because it draws positive energy away from your home and downhill.

Is House On A Slope Bad Feng Shui?

The house on a slope is bad Feng Shui because of the negative effect it is subjected to. This is due to the structure of the land.

The structure of the land allows easy draining away of the positive chi (energy) which should have been retained in the house.

Such good chi escapes from the house because there is no energy to support it.

Hence, this may result in different problems like loss of fortune, health complications, financial difficulties, and bad luck.

How House On A Slope Affect Your Home’s Feng Shui

A house on a slope may affect your home’s Feng Shui because the land topography or structure easily carries away the good luck and fortune meant for the home.

As a result, there is poor positive energy retention. In this case, the structure of the land allows the falling away of positive energy that finds its way inside to be taken away and down the slope.

Oftentimes, the consequence is that the wealth, love, health, and abundance that should be retained run downhill and away from the house.

What Are The Dangers Of Building A House Below Street Level

There are dangers in building a house below street level according to Feng Shui.

Here are some of the dangers of building a house below street level.

  • When a house is below street level, it is open to the effect of negative energy that rushes down the street.

Building a house below street level is inauspicious because the occupants will discover they are immersed with negative chi energy.

  • Building a house below street level requires more money for maintenance and repairs.
  • Building a house below street level is symbolic of going down in life.
  • Building a house below street level makes the occupants always think that they are struggling with an uphill battle.

So What Is The Solution When The House Level Reaches Lower Than The Road Level? Lets us find below.

Feng Shui House Below Street Level Cures: 15 Cures To Apply

House On A Slope Feng Shui Cures

Here are the 15 cures when the house level reaches lower than the road level.

These cures can be applied to turn your home into an abode of wealth, health, fortune, and an auspicious one.

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1. Erect A Wall

Erecting a wall in the front of your house can be effective in obstructing the flow of negative chi energy rushing down into the house.

This wall can also add a stunning look to your home. The wall can be added using different kinds of materials.

2. Plant Tall Trees And Flowers

For a house level that reaches lower than the road level, you can plant trees in front of your house which also helps to block the flow of negative energy.

At the same time, the flowers and trees are auspicious WOOD Elements in Feng Shui. These trees will help to purify the air that rushes into the home.

3. Add A Water Feature

Setting up a water feature in the front of your home can be an effective cure to control the energy flow, as it represents Water Element.

  • Water features make your home auspicious and can block the effect of negative energy.
  • For example, you can set up an outdoor water fountain and the water body will help to reduce the effect of the energy flow.
  • It calms down the energy, instead of rushing into the house.

In addition, water is a symbol of tranquility, wealth, and prosperity. Adding it to the front of your home can attract the flow of prosperity and abundance.

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4. Relocate Your Front Door

If it is possible, you can relocate your front door to a suitable place to curtain the effect of the negative energy rushing into your home.

This will prevent negative energy from entering directly into your home.

5. Change The Direction Of Your Bedroom

One of the cures to a house level that reaches lower than the road level is changing the direction of your bedroom.

You can move it to the back side to enjoy the ultimate comfort and quality rest.

This is necessary when you sense you are been disturbed by the street traffic and the disturbing energy flow.

6. Reinforce Your Front Door

In case you are unable to change the direction of your front door, you can reinforce and offer more protection to the front door.

Doing this can strengthen your front door and make it withstand the effect of negative affect rushing down from the street.

Your front door can be reinforced by painting the front door with auspicious colors like red. Red color represents strength, power, and liveliness.

7. Set Up Landscaping

Landscaping is an effective cure to a house level that reaches lower than the road level.

Landscapes can add extra protection with the aid of plants. You can grow shrubs, and flowers that look attractive.

In Feng Shui plants are effective in absorbing and impeding the effects of negative energy flowing into the home.

Landscaping can block negative Qi from entering your house.

8. Add More Light

Adding more light can serve as a cure to a house level that reaches lower than the road level.

Light is auspicious and you can add more lighting fixtures to your main entrance.

Lighting can attract the flow of positive energy into your home, and dispel negative energy.

This is possible by lighting the darkness at night because the darkness is negative energy in Feng Shui.

9. Use Feng Shui Colors

Your home can be turned into good Feng Shui by using colors that are auspicious and friendly.

Colors are symbolic and can serve as a cure to a house level that reaches lower than the road level.

Colors can attract positive energy and change the vibe of your environment.

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In this case, you can paint your front door with feng shui colors like red.

So, instead of negative energy rushing into your home, the colors block it and attract good energy and wealth.

You can introduce other colors like red, solid yellow, orange, purple and pink to the front entrance. 

10. Use Of Windmill

Placing a windmill on your roof can attract positive energy and remove negative energy. 

A windmill is a moving object which is symbolic of attracting good chi energy to the surroundings and removing stagnant energy.

11. Place A Ba Gua Mirror

Placing a Ba Gua mirror either in the front entrance or inside the house can cure negative energy entering the house.

While it is hung outside, it will reflect or redirect the negative energy that is rushing down into the house

12. Use Of Good Luck Charms

By using good luck charms in the house, you are attracting positive energy into the home. Besides, these charms can remove negative energy that flows into the house.

Add good luck charms such as the Laughing Buddha, Money Tree, Lucky Pig, Money Frog, and Lucky Bamboo. These charms are auspicious.

13. Position A Huge Vase At The Front Door

In case landscaping may be costly, you can opt for a flower vase. Positioning a huge red vase that contains natural plants in the main entrance can block negative energy by absorbing it.

14. Regular Cleaning Of Your Windows

By frequently cleaning your house windows, you are removing stagnant energy that has gathered from the street into your home.

15. Turn Your Main Entrance Into An Aesthetically Place

You can place an attractive black mat at the front door. This is effective to curtain the effect of negative energy rushing into your house. Black color absorbs a lot and is important in Feng Shui.

Cost Of Building On A Steep Slope

Building on a steep slope is costly because of what is required. For you to build on a steep slope, you will have to consider design, safety, and building fees.

According to research online, building on a steep site will consume an extra cost of between $25,000 and $60,000 when you compare it to another type of house structure.

What Direction Should Your Home Face Attract Good Luck

In Feng Shui, the best direction your home can face to attract good luck is south. This direction is an auspicious direction that enhances relationships, love, business, and career.

In conclusion

you can avoid a house below the street if you just want to purchase a new home because of the consequences.

But for those who have already owned such a house, our advice is to apply the cures listed above, and you will prevent negative energy from rushing into the home.

Quick recap of Feng Shui Tips For A House On Slope. Some of the Feng Shu tips for a house on a slope are:

  • Paint your front door with Feng Shui colors like red to symbolize power and energy
  • Add more reinforcement to the main door through the use of additional protection symbols. This will encourage positive energy chi into the home.
  • Set up landscaping by plating evergreen shrubs and flowers.
  • Use of more lighting fixtures at the front door.