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Feng Shui Peacock Symbolism: Peacock Feather Uses, Tips

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Feng Shui Peacock Symbolism, placement and How to use peacock feature for prosperity and luck.

Mostly, many people have associated feng shui with changing the position of their furniture at home. They also have the assumption about mirrors.

Although this is partially accurate, however, there are a ton of other aspects to this traditional Chinese rite.

Feng shui is deeply connected to nature and aspires to help people live more harmoniously with it, including animals, plants, and flowers.

One of Feng Shui’s strong connections with nature is the peacock. The Peacock bird is significant in Feng Shui.

  • Among many living creatures, the peacock is an exceptional animal with unique beauty and attributes. Peacock is a bird that is well known for its beauty, grace, honor, and good qi in feng shui.
  • Peacock is flamboyantly blessed with unique tail plumage, and their tails are arrayed with sparkling color, often referred to as “trains”. The tails of peacocks are arranged with many “eyes”.
  • Peacocks are distinguished by their iridescent colors and shades of copper, blue, and green.
  • Aside from their numerous metaphorical links with various faiths in the world, peacocks are renowned for their elegance and self-assurance.

The symbolic nature of the peacock brings reflection on spirituality, independence, personality, purity, affection, and confidence, which make it very important.

By following its symbolism and placement in feng shui, you can attain happiness, and achieve your goals in life.

In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about the peacock’s symbolism, placement and how to apply it according to feng shui, and how to use peacock feathers to your advantage.

The following topics are expanded to provide quality information on feng shui peacock symbolism: placement and how to use peacock feathers.

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Feng Shui Peacock Symbolism and Meaning

The peacock is a symbolic animal and its symbolism surrounds beauty, magnificence and grace. In feng shui, the peacock represents royalty, beauty and dignity.

Anywhere you find a peacock, it doesn’t need an introduction. It is indisputably a stunning bird and its beauty announces its presence. Its flickering appearance is visible for all to see.

Most times, the peacock has been used as a symbol of success, wealth, and class. That is why the ancient government used peacock as an emblem.

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The peacock symbolizes leadership, renewal, transformation, love, longevity, passion, respect, honor, integrity, self-esteem, elegance, confidence, sophistication, intuition, vision, love, and pride.

The symbolic nature of peacocks is rooted in nobility, direction, purity, vigilance, and security.

Feng Shui Peacock Statue Meaning

Since the peacock is a stunning bird, definitely its statue has great worth. If it is difficult to get a living peacock bird, a peacock statue can be used as a feng shui symbol which can be placed at home or in the office.

In feng shui, the statue of a peacock is a positive omen and can attract fame, wealth, protection, respect, and brilliance.

The statue of a peacock connotes royalty, good luck, strength, dignity, and power.

Peacock Symbolism Spiritual Meaning

In feng shui, a peacock carries spiritual meaning and for years, the peacock has been linked to divinity.

The spiritual meaning of peacock defines beauty, confidence, dignity, and passion.

The spiritual interpretation of the peacock lies in the salient point this creature passes. Though, a glamorous creature, peacock is humble, and not egotistical. That is why a peacock is seen as a symbol of purity, love, and integrity.

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Spiritually, a peacock passes a message that to fulfill your dreams, and achieve your goals; you must put on your true colors. Also, always see beauty in everything, and this will make you enjoy the best moment.

If you are feeling weak or discouraged, and you feel like throwing in the towel, just envisage the stunning beauty and elegant color it displays, and would shortly be able to use its brilliant and potent force to increase your self-esteem.

Are Peacocks Good Luck Or Bad Luck?

Everything about peacocks, including the feathers, carries grace. In feng shui, the peacock is seen as good luck. Across the world, we regard peacock as a positive omen.

Likewise, peacock feathers can bring good luck, in addition to wisdom, glamour, splendor, and a huge number of other good things.

The key attributes associated with peacocks include longevity, power, grace, nobility; intuition, insight, compassion, and honor. Peacock can open up your vision and makes you see the good future that lies ahead.

Peacock Feng Shui Placement

The symbol of the peacock may be employed in your house to strengthen the fire element.

The fire element is one of the five elements, namely wood, earth, metal, and water. The importance of each element is that it evokes good energy and creates a balance between life’s accomplishments and happiness.

A peacock placement that is recommended in feng shui is the south corner of your house. Peacock symbols that can be used include a peacock statue, picture, or feather to achieve this.

8 Benefits Of Keeping Peacock Painting And Feather At Home

Feng Shui Peacock Feature and Symbolism

Since the peacock is a positive feng shui symbol, it has many great benefits.

Based on its symbolism, people can tap into the different benefits that make life pleasant and good peacocks offer.

The benefits of keeping peacock paintings and feathers at home include:

  1. Keeping peacock painting and feathers at home can deck your home with beauty. This can change the vibes around your home, and make your home colorful.  
  2. Peacock painting and feathers are auspicious signs and keeping them at home can bring positive energy.
  3. Keeping peacock paintings and feathers at home can aid the activation of the fire element. Peacock symbols at home can boost fire elements. The fire element is connected with energy, power, passion, and the ability to perform your assignment and achieve your set goals. 
  4. Keeping peacock painting and feathers at home can enhance your brilliance, radiance, clarity, and ability to discern things.
  5. Keeping peacock painting and feathers at home can enhance your fame, and get noticed anywhere, especially in your office for promotion. Peacock is a creature that is attractive and enjoys the attention of others anywhere it appears. It is graced with attractive luminosity and this catches the attention of other creatures.
  6. Keeping peacock paintings and feathers can boost your generosity, kindness, and love for others. Keeping these peacock symbols can foster love in your relationship.
  7. Keeping peacock painting and feathers at home can increase your wisdom base, thereby making you wiser and discreet. Hence you can make quality decisions that will benefit you.
  8. Decorating your home with peacock paintings and feathers can usher in a new era of happiness and wealth.
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How To Use Feng Shui Peacock Painting

The purpose of painting is nothing less than beautifying and styling your home. You can use peacock painting for decorating your home.

A peacock painting is an auspicious picture that does not illustrate dangerous or inauspicious objects. You can hang a peacock painting in your home to attract good luck.

Displaying peacock paintings can promote unity, peace, love, and chic.

Peacock Feather Symbolism and Placement

Just like the peacock is symbolic, its feather is also symbolic. A peacock feather can be placed at the south corner of your home.

  • It is an auspicious talisman that can attract good luck and protect from evil things.
  • In addition, the peacock feather is relevant in education. Placing a peacock feather in a study room or study table can improve the academic performance of students.
  • The Peacock feather is symbolic of safety and protection. Hanging a peacock feather inside a car can attract protection and a smooth journey void of accidents.
  • It is a belief that peacock feathers can protect against evil spirits by warding them off your territory.

How To Use Peacock In Bedroom Feng Shui

In feng shui, the bedroom is symbolic because it is a place that defines happiness, pleasure, and love. A bedroom can be enhanced by placing a peacock symbol there.

You can use the peacock symbol in the bedroom as an ornament, and as an auspicious object.

By placing or using the emblem of a peacock in your bedroom, you can benefit from all the good things that a peacock offers, including success, wisdom, love, happiness, joy, peace, opportunities, and wealth.

If you are looking to place a peacock feather in your bedroom, don’t place it above the place you lay your head.

How To Use Peacock Feather Cures In Feng Shui?

Peacock feather cures are there to help you remove bad omens, deck you with blessings, and boost positivity in your home. Make use of peacock feather cures according to the feng shui principle.

Peacock Feather Cures  How To Use
To establish leadershipA Peacock feather is ideal for improving your leadership position. For anyone that feels inadequate or lacking in showcasing their skills at the office, a peacock feather can be placed in their house
Protection against negative energyKeeping peacock feathers in your home can safeguard you from negative energy and evil things.
Boost wealth and money flowThe Peacock feather is an auspicious object and wealth symbol. It can be used in business to improve cash flow, prosperity, and wealth. For businesses facing financial problems, it is recommended to place peacock feathers on your business premises or inside the money box. Also, families facing financial difficulties can benefit from this cure.
To improve the academic excellence of your childrenIf you feel your children are not doing well in their studies, and they seem to lose focus, place peacock feathers around the study table to boost their aptitude for focusing on their academics and other extra-curricular activities.
Enhance work excellencePeacock feathers can be placed in the south direction of your office or work desk. It magnifies the possibility of attaining career success and helps in building a positive personality.

How To Place A Peacock Feather In The Living Room

The best placement for peacock feathers in the living room is in the northwest direction. Also, put peacock feathers inside a purple golden vase to enhance wealth in your home.

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What Are Other Symbolism Of Peacock?

Peacock is symbolic of longevity. It means peacock represents immortality, and that is why it is commonly used to illustrate long life, rejuvenation, strength, and liveliness.

Peacock is a bird to give attention to, because of the respect and value it holds across different faith.

It is stated that the Creator of the earth intentionally gifted peacock with beautiful and attractive arranged colors on its feathers to send a message that no matter the difficulties you are passing through, life can be pleasant, glorious, and satisfying.

If you want to have a taste of royalty, it can be found in the peacock bird. The beautiful colors of this fascinating animal connote royalty, and a class of its own.

Because a peacock displays its true color, allowing anyone to have sight of its unhidden elegance and beauty, the peacock also symbolizes integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness.

Peacock has nothing to hide, and this shows anyone to get closer to this wonderful creature to tap into these symbolisms.

Feng Shui Peacock Symbolism FAQ

Q: Is Peacock Picture Good Luck?

A Peacock picture is good luck because peacock picture is one of the symbols of peacock which can be placed at home.

Q: Is It Lucky To See A. White Peacock?

There is no specie or color of peacock that is not auspicious. Therefore, seeing a white peacock is good luck.

Q: Is It Good To Keep The Peacock Statue At Home?

Yes, it is good to keep the peacock statue at home based on the positive changes it can bring.

Q: Can We Keep A Peacock Feather In The Bedroom?

Yes, you can but don’t keep above your resting place.

Q: How Many Peacock Feathers Should We Keep At Home?

You can keep seven feathers in your money box to improve cash flow, and place one or two feathers near the study table of the room of your children.

Q: What Does It Mean When A Peacock Crosses Your Path?

A peacock crossing your path means good luck and grace. You can not detach goodness and beauty from a peacock, so one crossing your path is auspicious.

Q: What Does It Mean If A Peacock Opens Its Feathers In Front Of You?

A peacock opening its feathers in front of you can mean you have to learn from the confidence a peacock has.

Also, learn to be open and don’t hide anything. Cultivate integrity and be proud of yourself.

In conclusion

The Peacock symbol can be placed anywhere in your home and see how it gazes and showers every area of your home or workspace with love, elegance, kindness, and beauty.

The way you feel things will change the moment you begin to see the peacock symbol in your home. You will begin to see goodness and happiness in everything you come across.