How To Feng Shui Your House [Top #15 Golden Rules To Follow]

On account that you’re seemingly getting very prevalent with the indoors of your home, it’s a good idea to fill it with positivity by implementing Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese that apply the stability and make the environment harmonious to live. Today we will learn all the tips for Creating Good Feng Shui Your House.

Feng Shui Your House

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The purpose of Feng Shui is to ask nice chi into your Home in order that your life feels activated and counterbalanced, and it’s a relatively primary way to improve the vibes of your area. while we’re no consultants and the calculations.

In fact, depending upon your accurate space, there are commonplace instructions. So, we’re right here to encourage some decent power for making your at-home time as pleasurable as viable. So it is important to follow a Good Feng Shui House Plan.

How To Feng Shui Your House Office?

Below are few quick tips to follow.

  1. Separate Your Home Office From Your space Life.
  2. Have Your Desk Facing the Door.
  3. The Desk must be Away From the Door.
  4. Have a wall Behind your desk.
  5. Have Inspiring quotes or Messages on the Walls.
  6. Have Some Pictures of motivational people.
  7. Choose suitable Colours.
  8. Avoid Sharp Corners and edges.

What Are Good House Numbers In Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui the belief is that the best numbers to make sure good energy can enter your home without obstruction are 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 9. As Number 1 signifies a new beginning, freshness or birth, and hence is always associated with an auspicious event.

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How Can I Get Good Energy At Home With Feng Shui?

Below are a few quick tips with which you can implement good Energy for your Feng Shui For Home.

  1. Maintain an organized home by clearing unnecessary items.
  2. Add or grow herbs into your kitchen to allow fresh perfume of herbs.
  3. Allow Natural Light and fresh air to breathe.
  4. De-Clutter your space and allow good hygiene in the house.
  5. Add plants be it indoors or outdoors and flowers.
  6. Open Windows during the morning to get the breathable air.
  7. If your walls are looking really dull than apply a fresh coat of paint.
  8. Hang good and meaningful Artwork.
  9. Add some color to your spaces especially at the entrance.
  10. Repair and replace your broken furniture.

Use Of Pictures- Good Feng Shui For Home

Pictures can play a great role when it comes to Feng Shui In A Home. Good and meaningful pictures can definitely add a Great Feng Shui for Home Decorating but also incorporate greater values to out like.

By keeping good images will keep you reminding good things and thus add positivity in your life. It could be colorful, joyful and with some quotes.

Where Is Your Bed Located? Position Of Bed Matters

In Feng Shui, the bed position is the most “commanding position” to locate important furniture. This is because the bed is the most important piece of furniture as you spend so many passive hours sleeping. So it must be located in the good feng shui house direction.

Good Feng Shui In The Home-Bedroom
Feng Shui Your House

The best place to place your bed in the commanding position is to be facing the door. But in many houses, it is not always possible. So to solve this issue to find a mirror and place it to see the door while lying in bed.

Clean And Clutter-Free Space – Do a space clearing

Having a lot of clutter in your Feng Shui For home and space not only leads mismanagement in life but also make life difficult to live in that space. This is the first practice in Feng Shui that if you are living in a lot of clutter than removing and manage your spaces.

Good Feng Shui In The Home- Clutter-Free
Feng Shui Your House

By doing this you are allowing fresh air and positive vibe to flow in your area. Also, you can use that space for keeping some necessary things in your house.

Add Greenery For More Vegetation – Good Feng Shui In The Home

In Feng Shui, plants bring life energy. Plants directly connect us to nature and bring positivity to our Feng Shui homes. Apart from this, it brings freshness, health, vitality. Read more for- Feng Shui Plants For Good Luck,Wealth & Positivity

The most important thing to remember is to find Good Feng Shui House Plants that you can care easily and are appropriate for space. For example, consider your lighting conditions into consideration, watering portions, etc.

Here are the Best Feng Shui House Plants, which you can use.

Clean All Windows – Good Feng Shui For Home

Hygiene is key for bringing positivity and a good place to start is the windows. The windows in Feng Shui represents your eyes to the world. So by cleaning you would be able to see and experience good things which the universe is offering you. You can use any product to clean or make your own DIY at home grab a bottle of vinegar and water.

Good Feng Shui In The Home-Windows
Feng Shui Your House

Use Your Front Door – Good Feng Shui Your House

Many people in this world live in homes where they use the back door to get in as they live in the garage. It seems very convenient for them, but from a Feng Shui terminology, they are limiting good energy and opportunities in your life. The front door generally represents how chi enters your home and life.

So to fix this issue try to use the front door at least once a week. So that you can allow some vibe from the area.

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Brighten Up Your Entry – Good Feng Shui For Home

In Feng Shui, as you already understood with the above paragraph that your entry represents how energy enters your home and your life. So the entry is the first place to start when you want to create Good Feng Shui In The Home. Try to remove all the obstacles which are coming along the way while you open the door.

Good Feng Shui In The Home-Home Entry
Feng Shui Your House

By doing this you are maximizing all the good opportunities for your life which are coming through your doorways.

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Do A Space Clearing – Good Feng Shui For Home

Cleaning is the process that involves physical deep cleaning. It also involves space management by removing all the clutter and use that place for suitable furniture, plants, and decor.

How Do You Implement Feng Shui For Bathroom?

This is a very basic question when it comes to the bathroom. How to Feng Shui Bathroom? Water is an element that represents wealth and money. Nobody wants to flush put the money.

Feng Shui Your House

So to implement good feng shui in the bathroom first and foremost step to Keep That Bathroom Door Closed and shut the toilet seat cover when not used.

Another good point for Feng Shui in the bathroom is that to fix any leakage if happens like from the tap or from the pot.

Cover Up The TV In Your Bedroom

In Feng shui practices it’s prohibited to use the TV in the bedroom but most of us have it. It happens. It not only against the Feng Shui Principles but you will have trouble sleeping.

TV Bedroom
Feng Shui Your House

So to resolve this even if you have TV than try to cover the television when not in use. By doing this you are deactivating the energy which is releasing from the television.

As well as the electronic vibe of it. For covering up you can use a beautiful scarf or fabric to toss it over the television!

Placement Of Feng Shui Fountain

Where To Place Feng Shui Fountain? this is the most basic question in which people asked. In Feng Shui, Practices Water symbolizes wealth. So use must use this element very carefully if we want to keep this into our home.

So the best place to locate a fountain for Home Feng Shui is near the entry of your home. You can place this inside or just outside. Another factor is that whichever fountain you are using it must be flowing, it can’t be stagnant.

Remove Obstacles in Your Path For Good Feng Shui For Home

All the stuff used in our house represents some sort of energy. It could be negative and positive. It is always a good idea to take out the time to burn off the old energy so that we can welcome fresh and new chi.

You can start this by doing decluttering all the not used items and filled up with useful items.

Remove Negative Symbolism For Good Feng Shui For Home

All the symbols which are used in our home have energies. You might have experienced this your own many times when you see some meaningful painting.

You start to feel positive and you begin to imagine things. Similarly, if you have anything which makes you feel depressed or not happy then surely you must throw that item from the house immediately.

Rebalance Workstations In The Kitchen

Always have a look at your kitchen cabinets and check if there is a space above the kitchen upper cabinets. If it’s so then trying to fix this as it attracts dust and stagnant energy. One way to fix this issue is to place some lighting, green plants that will bring life to this area and transform energy.

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Today we learned all the tips for Creating Good Feng Shui Your Home. These tips are very basic to follow but its impacts last the long. Without a positive environment, we cant feel a livable space.