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How To Feng Shui For Easter: Meaning, Decor, And Rules

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How To Feng Shui For Easter: Meaning, Decor, And Rules

This blog is intended to cover How To Feng Shui For Easter? All the rituals, meaning, and decor tips.

Easter is characterized by rebirth, resurgence, and renaissance. It is a season that carries blessings that make every withered plant surge back to life after the effect of winter.

Across the world, Easter is a holiday filled with fun in which people carry out different activities such as picnics and egg hunts.

And at the same time, it is a time filled with spiritual reflection because of its significance.

But what connection does Feng Shui shares with Easter? You can apply Feng Shui principles for any festivity or holiday, including Easter. Easter is a season of new beginnings, renaissance, and renewal.

What is unique about Easter? In this blog, we discussed Feng Shui for Easter, which covers useful tips you can use for decoration, and the meaning of Easter.

There are luck and Feng Shui rules that can be applied to attract wealth, prosperity, and joy of the season.

Following these rules can turn your holiday to be a successful one. You can Feng Shui during your next Easter celebration and not only catch the excitement but also attract good luck.

What do Easter Eggs Represent?

For a long time, eggs have been used by the Chinese as a symbol of quick recuperation from sickness.

Eggs are part of the items used for celebrating the Easter holiday. But what does the Easter egg represents?

Eggs have been shared among people as a sign of celebration, and love, and to mark the new season. For a long time, it has become a way of celebrating the Easter holiday.

Easter eggs symbolize renewal and renaissance.

Feng Shui And Easter: Significance

Easter and the spring season share something in common.

Easter happens in the springtime, and this time is characterized by changes and renewal. During this season, the plants and nature blossom, and their beauty are restored.

It is all about combining Feng Shui’s 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Water, Metal, and Earth) together to achieve harmony, peace, and luck.

Bringing this close to Easter, you will understand that Easter is about rebirth, resurgence, and a new start. The significance of Easter centers on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Feng Shui Colors For Easter

There are Feng shui colors used for Easter. These colors and symbols are identified with the holiday.

Here are some of the colors for Easter:

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Pastel Colors:

Pastel colors are common during the spring season, as they are seen in nature.

They are Easter color which shows a new start, fresh growth, regeneration, and profitable starts.

These decent hues can be incorporated into a dressing or used to decorate the environment to enhance the wealth and happiness of the celebration.

  • Other than above other common lucky colors used during Easter celebrations are – Purple, pink, red, black, white, gold, and green

Feng Shui Symbols For Easter

1. The White Lilies:

White lilies are attractive and they are a symbol of pureness, integrity, decency, serenity, and blessing.

They are used as a symbol of Easter to represent rebirth and bloom. Placing these plants in Easter attracts success and prosperity.

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2. Eggs:

Eggs are one of the major symbols of Easter. As early mentioned, eggs are valuable gifts exchanged by people during the spring and Easter seasons.

Eggs are a representation of new birth, new life, rejuvenation, and a new beginning. 

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3. The Rabbit:

Throughout history, the rabbit is one of the symbols of Easter. During the holiday, white rabbits are used because of their tenderness, adorableness, and beauty.

Rabbit represents fertility, prosperity, and joy. A pair of white rabbits can be placed in the home to invite happiness and love.

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4. The Wood:

One of the characteristics of the new season is the rejuvenation of woods, plants, and nature.

Wood is part of the symbols of Easter to show renewal, growth, flourishing, energy, and resurgence. In Feng Shui, wood is symbolic too.

Using wood elements during Easter means you will experience growth and development.

Flowers in the vase and shrubs growing are some of the ways to bring wood into your home. 

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Feng Shui Dining Table Tips For Easter

What you put on your dining table for Easter is important. Here are Feng Shui Dinning table tips that will help you to set up an Easter dining table that will attract prosperity, wealth, and abundance.

  1. Choose the ideal dining table shape: Start with the use of an ideal dining table shape. According to Feng Shui, the ideal shape for an Easter dining table is round or oval.
  2. Any of these shapes have curved edges which prevent any poison arrow formed as a result of the sharp corners.
  3. When using a round or oval table, there is a free flow of positive energy around the dining set. The solution to a rectangular dining table is when you use a white table cloth which helps to reduce the sharp corners.
  4. Use Feng Shui colors to adorn the table. Colors bring feelings of the season. Some Feng Shui colors are auspicious and can be used to decorate.
  5. Use a combination of Blue (tranquility), Green (Rejuvenation, and Fresh Start), White (Purity, and Transparency), and Gold (Authority, and Influence).
  6. While preparing for dinner, don’t put on any red cloth. In Feng Shui, red is the fire element color, and wearing red increases the heat which might result in disarrangement in the family.

Best Shape For Easter Dining Table And Rules

It is required to get the best-shaped dining table for Feng Shui for your Easter celebration.

The best shapes for Easter dining tables are round and oval. Any other shape apart from round and oval releases poison arrows due to their sharp edges.

While round and oval shapes come with curved edges which block poison arrows formed by the sharp corners.

When your Easter dining table is round or oval, there is a free flow of positive energy around the dining set.

If you have a rectangular dining table for use during the holiday, it is recommended to spread a white tablecloth on it and this will help to reduce the effect of the sharp corners.

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Feng Shui Decorating Ideas For Easter

Feng Shui For Easter Celebration Tips

If you are looking for Feng Shui decorating ideas for Easter, here are some:

  • Decorate your bedroom with fresh flowers and these flowers can be placed in front of a mirror in the room to represent progress, increase, a fresh start, and a renaissance.
  • Fresh flowers fill your room with positive energy, and a mirror in Feng Shui helps to magnify.
  • Ensure the mirror is not placed across the window, or else, there will be the redirection of the positive energy away from your room.
  • Grace your dining table with colorful Easter eggs, and attract prosperity and happiness. Eggs are a symbol of fertility, and new birth.
  • Place these Easter eggs in a bowl for decoration. 
  • Decorate your home with Feng Shui colors. Colors can change the vibes of your home.
  • Here are some colors that can be used to decorate the house: Blue (tranquility), Green (Rejuvenation, and Fresh Start), White (Purity, and Transparency), and Gold (Authority, and Influence).
  • There are Easter flowers and symbols that can be used to decorate and turn your home into the center of the holiday such as Easter eggs, white lilies, and flowers.

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How Do You Decorate Front Door For Easter Feng Shui

Your front door is the mouth of your home. It is important in Feng Shui, as it can determine what enters your home.

Your front door can be decorated for Easter and enjoys the blessing of the season. Here are some ways to decorate the front door for Easter:

  • Clean your front door, and every clutter is removed. Make the front door attractive to bring in positive energy.
  • Decorate your front door with Easter eggs placed in a basket and positioned close to the door. Placing Easter eggs at your main entrance symbolizes new starts, the birth of fresh ideas, and a new project.
  • The front door can be decorated to attract prosperity and abundance. You can achieve this by placing golden Chinese coins on the front door. You will experience an exciting holiday filled with wealth.
  • Place white lilies and fresh flowers at the front door to attract freshness and positive energy into your home.

How To Feng Shui For Easter (Wealth + Plenty Tips)

In Feng Shui, there are wealth charms and wealth symbols that when placed in the house can attract wealth and prosperity.

Therefore, you can Feng Shui your Easter for wealth. Here are a few ways to Feng Shui Easter for wealth.

  • Activate the wealth corner of your home by using purple, which is a wealth color to facilitate and enhance your prosperity. Also, you can get purple color décors, materials, or furniture.
  • Nurturing a growing green plant inside the home can attract wealth. So, if you are looking to Feng Shui Easter holiday for wealth, grow a natural plant in your home.
  • Set up a water fountain in front of your home that is moderate. In Feng Shui, flowing water signifies the flow of wealth.    
  • Place a beautiful flower vase at the entrance of your home to make your main entrance.

Top Feng Shui Easter Superstitions

In Feng Shui, there are different superstitions surrounding holidays and festivities, including Easter. These are the top Feng Shui Easter superstitions:

  • Don’t wear red color during the Easter celebration. Red color tends to trigger more heat which is inauspicious. Red represents the fire element.
  • Use a dining table that can accommodate guests, family, and loved ones at the party. Serving dinner on a small table can seem inauspicious. If you can’t afford a big table, then consider dividing the seating.
  • Don’t serve dinner on a rectangular table. The auspicious dining table shapes are round and oval.    

What Are Some Easter Sayings?

  • Happy Easter! I wish you a gracious, joyous, and holy Easter.
  • May this wonderful time be a reminder of God’s gift, praise, and love.
  • May your life be filled with blessing, joy, and love this Easter offers.
  • Happy Easter! May the astonishing moment of Easter refresh your heart with peace, goodness, and prosperity.
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What Are Some Easter Words?

Here are some Easter words you can use:

  • Happy Easter! The air is filled with peace, a fresh start, and hope.
  • Happy Easter! Hide the eggs and let the hunt begin.
  • Happy Easter to all close acquaintances.
  • Let your season fill you with prosperity and abundance.

What Is An Interesting Fact About Easter?

There are amazing facts about Easter. Easter is one of the holidays celebrated by millions of Christian faithful across the world. Some of the interesting facts are:

  • The egg has been considered an age-long emblem of rebirth, fertility, and renewal.
  • According to the website, Americans spend $1.9 billion on Easter candy. This comes as the second-largest candy holiday after Halloween.
  • The purpose of dying Easter eggs is to symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • It is stated that many adults like milk chocolate better than dark.
  • Exchanging the gift of eggs is a sign of revival.

What Is The Traditional Easter Food?

Here are some traditional Easter foods you can prepare for Easter:

In Conclusion

Easter is a holiday that can really change the course of your life. Following the tips above can make your Easter a memorable one. Partake of the rebirth, and rejuvenation this awesome event brings. 

How To Feng Shui For Easter FAQ

Q: Are Easter Eggs Good Feng Shui?

Yes, Easter eggs are good for Feng Shui.

Q: What Flower Is Considered An Easter Symbol?

The flowers considered Easter symbols are: White Easter lilies, Tulips, Daisies, Hyacinths, Azaleas, and Lent Lilies (Daffodils)

Q: Why Do We Hide Eggs On Easter?

Eggs are symbolic and they are the main Easter symbol. Finding eggs on Easter represent finding new life, happiness, abundance, and rejuvenation. This means anyone that finds eggs during the holiday; will attract a new beginning, new hope, and freshness.

Q: What Is A Good Easter Message?

A good Easter message spreads happiness, and love, and fills your heart with abundance.

Q: What Animals Represent Easter?

Animals that represent Easter are Lamb, Easter Bunny, and Rabbits.

Q: What Are Some Easter Blessings?

Some of the Easter blessings are:
May the beauty and the reason of this spring season bring freshness, peace, and joy to you and those that you cherished.
May you enjoy victory and forget past pains as you experience a new beginning.

Q: What Is The Color Of Easter?

The color of Easter is white. It represents pureness and resurgence.

Q: What Number Is Associated With Easter?

Number 3. Easter falls on the third Sunday, and Christ is resurrected after the third day.

Q: Why Are Easter 8 Days?

Easter is 8 days because it is celebrated on Easter Sunday and the seven days come from the days of Jesus’ persecution and crucifixion.  

Q: What Is Sunday After Easter Called?

Low Sunday.

Q: What Is The Tuesday Before Easter Called?

It is called holy Tuesday.

Q: Why Is It Called Low Sunday?

Low Sunday comes from low activities that Easter receives as this day indicated the completion of ceremonies that surround Easter. 

Q: Why Do We Celebrate Easter With Chocolate Eggs?

The chocolate eggs represent fertility and revivification.