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16 Effective Ways To Thrive During Recession With Feng Shui

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Recession is a period of hardship, reluctance, and economic sabotage, and every sector of the economy is greatly affected. Man is not left behind, the recession fear is everywhere now.

The recession is characterized by the loss of jobs leading to a rise in unemployment, increasing inflation, and a high cost of food. It is a period associated with gloominess and struggle.

However, there is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. If the oil prices are plummeting, it seems that companies are downsizing, and people are groaning under the effect of the recession, there are ways to thrive during this period.

Feng shui has proven ways to handle recession strategically. Feng shui aims to help balance the energies within your surroundings and fosters harmony, sound health, and luck.

Feng shui can help enhance every aspect of your life, including thriving during a recession. With the right application, feng shui can help you to attract more wealth and be in control.

So, if you are looking for effective ways to thrive during recession with feng shui, this blog is for you. Check the 17 effective ways to thrive during the recession with feng shui.

How To feng Shui Recession

What To Do During A Recession

Check the following things to do during the recession that can help you stand strong.

1. Boost Your Capacity To Earn More As An Business Owner Or Employee

To be exempted from recession, you need to earn more.

It is important to sharpen your skill and find out for new ways to boost your capacity either as a business owner or employee.

A business owner needs to focus on how to upscale his business to gain more clientele.

A period of recession is a time to go back to the drawing board and improve yourself to boost your earning capacity.     

2. Explore Day-To-Day Money Making Opportunities

  • During the recession, you need to explore opportunities that help you make money from day to day.
  • It means, with each passing day, you make money.
  • The truth is that earning money on a daily or weekly basis is more gainful than waiting for a whole month to get paid.
  • We have numerous platforms in which you can invest time and little money, and will make you earn daily. 
  • Daily earnings from multiple sources of income guarantee peace of mind.

3. Maintain Focus

  • During the recession, it is necessary to stay calm and focus on opportunities rather than the harsh economy.
  • The difficult economy can make you shift your attention to the problems and away from positivity.
  • When you focus on potential, your eyes will be opened to potential. You will begin to see new opportunities and how to take advantage of them.
  • By remaining optimistic, your passion will be boosted and your competencies will be maximized.
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4. Create Value & Don’t Neglect Quality

A recession is not a period to compromise on quality and value. Rather, you must go out to uphold these key factors that bring success and outstanding results.

Going beyond what is expected of you, either as a business owner or an employee can help you to achieve more than others, and be excellent in these periods.

5. Get Rid Of Bad Debt & Sustain The Good Debt

There is a difference between good debt and bad debt. A bed debt is when you obtain a loan and expend it on things that are not generating cash flow. 

  • On the other hand, good debt is one where you obtain a loan and is expended on things that bring money, for example, assets.
  • Assets will help you to generate more cash flow even if needed to service the debt and still have enough left.
  • During the recession, don’t bear the burden of going for debt that can dry up your liquidity.
  • Go for good debt that will increase your earnings and cash flow.

6. Safeguard Your Assets & Avoid Losses

A recession is a period where there is a rise in criminal activities, it is necessary to safeguard your property and keep it safe from miscreants.

Although, a recession can be a difficult time, going for insurance coverage can be helpful.

Insurance protects you from loss and can help you in case of stealing. With the limited resources you have, go for premeditated risk.

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15 Effective Ways To Thrive During Recession With Feng Shui

Feng shui can be used during a recession to curb its effect, stabilize you and make you attract prosperity and wealth.

It is important to know how to attract prosperity and enhance your cash flow using the following feng shui tips.

Feng Shui Recession Proof Tips

1. Create An Auspicious Front Door

In feng shui, the front door is vital and can determine your state during a recession.

Your front door is the mouth of your home through which positive energies enter the house.

Don’t forget that feng shui is all about balancing the energies in your space and permitting the positive ones to remain.

By giving priority to your front doors like its feng shui colors and front door decor, you can pave way for prosperity and wealth to enter your home during a recession.

You can make your front door auspicious and abundant by decorating it with natural plants, flowers, and wind chimes. Make it inviting, refreshing, and serene.

2. Keep A Bowl of Oranges

During the recession, keep a bowl of oranges or 9 lemons in a bowl to bring in wealth.

According to feng shui, oranges represent good luck and prosperity.

Apart from this, oranges have an amazing fragrance that can uplift, energize, and fill your home with good vibes.

You can place a bowl of fresh oranges on your table in the living room or kitchen to attract prosperity and positive energy into your house.

3. De-clutter Your Home

In feng shui, cluttering can bring about stress, anxiety, depression, and rift. Learn the benefits of decluttering.

During a time of recession, it is important to stay calm and focused.

That is why it is necessary to de-clutter your home and remove unused items, and wastes.

When you have excess clutter, it takes away energy and triggers disorderliness, anger, and depression.

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4. Clean Your Windows Regularly

Do you know that dirty windows can prevent opportunities from knocking on your life?

In feng shui, windows are regarded as the eyes of the house; therefore, it needs proper cleaning to make them receptive to good energy.

Dirty windows make your vision to be blunt and disallow positive energy from flowing into your house.

During the time of recession, you can be attracted to opportunities by cleaning your windows regularly.

5. Decorate Your Home With Plants

You can raise indoor plants during the recession. Plants are symbolic and when they thrive, they attract positive energy.

Ensure your indoor plants are watered to keep them blossoming and lush. It is bad feng shui for your plants to die, sag or turn brown.

Any dead plant in the home can bring stagnant or bad energy. Remove as soon as possible! Take care of the plants to invite positive energy into your home and see how you will thrive during a recession.    

6. Create A Wealth Corner

One of the ways to thrive during a recession is to carve out a wealth corner in your home.

It is a belief in feng shui that there is a Bagua zone in your home apportioned to wealth.

You can discover this corner by standing at your front door and looking inside, the far left corner you will notice is the wealth corner.

The wealth corner can be activated by positioning furniture or accessories with purple color, natural indoor plants, and also a little running water fountain.

When this corner is activated, your home will be attracted to wealth during the recession and even out-of-recession.

7. Get A Wealth Vase

During the recession, one of the things you can do according to feng shui to thrive is to make yourself a money bowl and your home attracted to wealth.

Bringing in a wealth vase can magnetize wealth into your home. Place it strategically in your home.

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8. Keep Your Stove In Good Condition

If you want to thrive during the recession, you need to keep your stove in good condition. In feng shui, the stove symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

To boost your wealth and abundance during the recession, make sure you take care of your stove and other appliances properly.

You can do this by keeping them clean and functional. By using your stove in good condition, you are activating the fire element which is helpful to attract more wealth during the recession. 

9. Bring In Citrine Crystals

In feng shui, crystals have the power to attract wealth. You need more wealth during the recession.

When everyone is groaning and passing through a difficult time, you can get citrine crystals and place them in your home.

It generates vibration power that helps to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

One of the beauties of citrine crystals is that it fosters good health and stimulates the movement of wealth into your space.

10. Collect Chinese Coins

There are feng shui wealth charms that can be used during the recession, and they will make you thrive during this difficult period.

One of the wealth charms is Chinese coins. Chinese coins are symbolic and can attract good luck, and wealth. Keeping them at home and in your purse can help you attract wealth and prosperity.

11. Bring A Feng Shui Money Frog Into Your House

During the recession, you can bring a money frog into your house to invite plenty of prosperity and abundance into your home.

You can thrive during the recession by using feng shui charms that can bring about wealth multiplication many times. You can order a money frog on an online store.

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12. Paint Your Front Door Red

In feng shui, red is a color that can open your home and life to many possibilities during the recession.

Red is powerful and painting your front door with it can energize your home. It can make your life receptive to opportunities too.

13. Money Tree

If you want to thrive during the recession, one of the effective ways is by placing a money tree inside your home, or business.

As a business owner, you can use a money tree to bring in more sales to your business during a recession.

  • A money tree can be placed on your shelves in your business space to increase your cash flow.
  • It is a money symbol cherished and used for many years in China.
  • One of the major ways to place a money tree is by placing it close to your cash register and in the southeast area of your business space.

14.  Evil Eye

As the name indicates, the evil eye can help to protect your asset, prosperity, and income.

The evil eye protection is a famous and valuable Feng shui symbol for energizing and activating good luck and receiving prosperity.

You can keep an evil eye on your home during a recession, and it will bring lots of prosperity into your home. It can protect your wealth, making it sustainable.

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15. The Lаughіng Buddha

The laughing Buddha is such an amazing wealth symbol that you can keep in your office, business, or home.

  • It is a popular good luck charm that can help you to attract good sales in your business.
  • If you want your business to thrive during the recession, include the laughing Buddha in your space.
  • Position it in the office and business to attract wealth, prosperity, happiness, and success.
  • You can place it on your desk, or shelves. The right place to keep the laughing Buddha is at the southeast corner.    

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16.  Golden Bat

If you want to thrive during the recession, go for a golden bat.

The golden bat is a wealth charm used mostly in businesses to boost sales and invite wealth, prosperity, abundance, and happiness.

The golden bat is a symbol of soaring and is attached to when a bat flies.

This means that by using it in your business, everything relating to your business will be flying.

If you want your sales to skyrocket, why can’t you bring a golden bat to your business as a business owner during a recession?  

In Conclusion

Recessions can occur anytime and are better to prepare for them. By applying the tips above, you can come out strong and thrive, even in your business.

Feng shui tips for recession could include using a specific feng shui position to avoid negative energy, making changes to one’s lifestyle to reduce stress, and investing in Feng Shui resources.

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