Feng Shui Colors For Home [Tips To Beautify And Invite Luck]

Feng Shui Colors

Feng Shui Colors For Home, when used correctly, will bring the desired energy to your home. When decorating and lucky paint color for the house painting our house, a basic issue is to choose what color to use for each room. Feng shui can help us a lot, but it also depends on the personality of the …

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31 Feng Shui Friendly Plants For Good Luck, Wealth & Positivity

Feng Shui Plants good luck

Plants are living beings that have an energy field through which they communicate with humans, but they also absorb and release energy. In this article, we will talk about all the Feng Shui Friendly Plants For Wealth & Good Luck. According to Feng Shui, the plants that are recommended to harmonize homes, bring prosperity and …

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What Are The Best Feng Shui Home Plants? To Energise Your Space

Feng Shui Home Plants

Plants and Feng Shui are great allies, they help us harmonize the environments, generate cleaner spaces, provide moisture to the spaces and also many of them eliminate toxic agents and allow us to purify the air, thus helping us reduce levels of stress. If you are looking for a Feng Shui Home plants are a …

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How To Use Feng Shui Lucky Numbers In Life For Success

Feng shui lucky numbers

In Chinese culture, the use of correct numbers has its own importance. Today we are going to discover how these Feng Shui Lucky Numbers are used to improve and corrects energy, sets the right direction, clarifies thoughts, instills confidence. There are many aspects and in fact, almost in all the aspects, Feng Shui plays an …

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Feng Shui Coins: (13+) Cures And Enhancers For Money

Feng Shui Coins

We must take into account, as before proceeding to place the Chinese Feng Shui coins in a certain place in the home or office. It is better to pay attention at first to how many coins it contains. In this article, we will develop more understanding on chinese feng shui coins for wealth and success. …

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What Is Four Leaf Clover Spiritual Meaning?

Four Leaf Clover Spiritual Meaning

There’s a lot to be said about the four-leaf clover as a natural outcast. Many people spent their lives looking for the lucky four-leaf clover, whereas others find it easy to find the clover leaves. In this blog, we are going to understand the Four Leaf Clover Spiritual Meaning? In the Asian tradition, there are …

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Exclusive 31 Chinese New Year Flowers + Fruits Ideas To Buy In [2022]

Chinese New Year Flowers

The Chinese New Year decorations and traditions see various choices based on what kind of vibe a household wants to invite. Symbolism is an essential part of the celebrations, and families are mindful of investing their time and energy in it. There are Chinese flowers for good luck and wealth, and the Chinese new year’s …

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Best Elephant Symbol Meaning, Direction + Usages In Feng Shui

Elephant Symbol Meaning In Feng Shui

The concept of feng shui has been derived from an ancient poem that relates to human beings the concepts of the environment and the part that it can play in our everyday life. This is mostly done to harness the energy forces of the environment and to establish harmony between an individual and the individual’s …

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15 Crystal Lotus Flower Feng Shui Benefits And Placements

Crystal Lotus Flower

The Crystal lotus flowers may appear unappealing at first look. Undoubtedly, the lotus’s structure and hues are beautiful, but beyond its delicate shell lies a deeper significance that dates back nearly to the dawn of time.  Several Asian cultures regard the flowers as hallowed, and it is regarded among the most spiritual plants on the …

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